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As Health celebrates its fifth year as a community in 2021, we reached out to our founding members to see what inspired them to join the community.

Our former all-star member, Vic Reiss, started out leading FedEx’s membership before changing jobs and ultimately help shape the Health community in his role leading social media at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Vic is currently the Vice President of Consumerism & Insights at UNC Health, and here’s what he had to say about his time as a Board Chair:

“It’s easy to grasp why time flies when you’re having fun or getting a return on an investment based on a decision. As I reflect back on five years, I am encouraged by the more than 100 healthcare systems that are members of this preeminent organization. Below are three reasons why I joined other peers in the industry as a founder for Health:

1. The pursuit of greatness! To quote Michael Jordan, “You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” It was an easy decision to endorse and support the creation of a membership vertical focused on healthcare based on the established group. What a refreshing concept — to have an opportunity to have focused conversations on healthcare with people who understand the challenges and how to navigate regulations and compliance that are unique to this industry. For those of us in healthcare, we have a moral obligation to get information to our audiences that will empower them to make a decision for their health and wellness. To meet people where they are, social media channels are effective to promote awareness, encourage patient engagement, and share accurate health messaging. Social media plus healthcare, a powerful combination.

2. Sharing is caring. The art of knowledge sharing is an active act of caring. The ethos of is rooted in sharing knowledge by checking your ego at the front door. No vendors and self-proclaimed gurus — just real people with lived work experience in social media at healthcare systems. This is what separates this membership organization from others where all attendees are approachable, document lessons learned, and willingly share best practices. We also share the burdens of a job that is perpetually considered easy, entry-level, and resource challenged. This has led to an appreciation that membership represents an opportunity for therapy in order to destigmatize failure, release, and recharge.

3. Foster a growth mindset. Health affords members the opportunity to continue the development of a growth mindset with social media given the rapid changes. Collectively, social media professionals constantly seek challenges and learning opportunities with a deep understanding that no matter how good you are, you can always get better. Health supports this with weekly member calls based on emerging developments or to assist a member with overcoming a challenge.

If you are a decision maker and your healthcare system is not a member, I strongly encourage you to join on behalf of your social media team.”