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As Health celebrates its fifth year as a community in 2021, we reached out to our founding members to see what inspired them to join the community.

Jessica Turner, Program Manager of Strategic Communications at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, shares:

“We’ve actually been members of for many years before there even was a health community, and are so thankful for THIS very specific community for healthcare organizations. 

We have found that the niched-down, specific conversation to the very topics that we are dealing with every single day is so valuable. We value the opportunity to interact with our colleagues around the country, we value the conversations that are brought up that we maybe aren’t even thinking about at the moment, as well as just the opportunity to say, “Hey, this is something that we’re struggling with,” or “This is something that we’re wondering if we should pursue — what do you think?” and getting a multitude of answers and perspectives from across the country. Health is a valuable part of our social media strategy and toolkit, and we’re so thankful for this community and the opportunities that it brings to us every single day.”