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As 2023 approaches, social media leaders at the world’s largest companies are preparing to elevate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in their strategies. As platforms like Instagram and TikTok continue to rise in popularity for Gen Z and Millennials, many companies are looking to increase representative and diverse social media content that younger generations embrace.

DEI in social media is more important than ever, as The Drum reported how 62% of consumers believe a brand’s diversity plays a role into how they view a company’s products or services.

To increase efforts, members recently shared how they’re creating DEI-informed strategies for 2023 and implementing diversity and representation in upcoming campaigns. Here are some of the key steps to include in your strategies for the next year.

1. Focus on Authentic Content Creation

Though there are a myriad of ways to create engaging content, members shared how any content related to DEI needs to be authentic to your brand.

You can find success in tapping executives and employees for content creation. One example is from Member Katie Pfledderer, Senior Manager of Communications at Charles Schwab, who shared an article on how they are helping to improve digital experiences.

“It’s a problem industry-wide that accessibility is simply thought about as a way to write code or pass a QA test,” Digital Accessibility Subject Matter Expert Enrique Sallent said in the article. “Instead, it should be about understanding the interactions and the needs of a user who may not have five active senses and help them complete their [digital] journey.”

Some social media leaders also noted working with employee resource groups and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging teams can elevate DEI content. Working with diverse talent can help create content on their experiences around relevant recognition moments.

2. Identify the Best Channels to Showcase DEI

As social media leaders create authentic brand content, they’re also keeping in mind the right channels for their stories. 

Using DEIB content on sub accounts and specific channels can help target audiences who are already engaged with your content. 

One example is at member Marriott International, whose membership is led by Board Chair and Director of Social Media Support Services Melinda Pachtner. Marriott International’s Instagram channel dedicated to employee storytelling has amassed over 93,000 followers and uses authentic experiences to showcase their culture.


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3. Consistency in DEI Content is Key

It’s important to prioritize consistency when it comes to sharing content related to DEI throughout the year. Using standardized language across your organization can help with content creation and demonstrate your commitment to supporting your audience. 

Nike used consistent storytelling content throughout all their channels this year to showcase how they’re supporting diverse audiences.

@nike Breaking records & barriers. Gold medalist @Blake Leeper ♬ original sound – Nike members also shared how it’s necessary to also leave room for real-time or more spontaneous storytelling that aligns with your brand voice.

4. Address Any Remaining Challenges with Your Peers

Developing internal expectations and an understanding of DEIB content remains top of mind for many social media leaders. members are continually discussing how they’re working with executives to align the goals of DEIB content strategy on social media. 

If you lead social media at a large organization, can help you use DEI to inform your strategies for 2023 in our confidential, vendor-free community.