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How offers guardrails to protect your brand from reputational risks by benchmarking with people like you at jobs like yours. 

The Challenge

Facebook was front and center in the news — this time as a result of the 2021 whistleblower’s revealed identity — which was then paired with massive outages across its platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp.

Many brands felt unprepared to react to this unprecedented event, including one global financial institution whose leaders were pushing to openly boycott the platform. 

The Response

The same day the news broke, facilitated a confidential, private discussion to benchmark how brands were reacting to the event.

135 senior social media leaders came together to discuss potentially altering Facebook and Instagram strategies (such as pausing paid or organic advertisements), conversations they were having with internal stakeholders to address increasing brand safety concerns, and preparing for additional outages.

The Results

The social media leader at the major banking institution attended the discussion and shared their findings with their leadership — including the fact that most of the brands in the conversation were not planning to leave the platform.

This leader later shared, “Being able to pulse check with this community is very important for my role, and having access to anonymized data I can share back to our leadership is invaluable. The recent call on how brands were reacting to Facebook in the news was worth the cost of membership alone.

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