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Accelerating Growth: How Empowered Nissan’s Mike Disser to Expand His Social Care Team by 63%

The Challenge

Mike Disser, Social Media and Customer Service Manager at Nissan, was evaluating how his social care team could be more efficient — including the structure, duties, and responsibilities of his team. 

The Response

Mike turned to for help. Within days, he was connected with social media leaders with major roles to benchmark their programs and share how they were structuring their teams. 

The Results

Mike was able to put together a plan based on real-world team sizes and staffing models from peer companies. With the help of unbiased insights, he was able to credibly and successfully advocate for increasing his team’s headcount — from eight members to 13. 

“It’s a direct result from the community sharing information and us being able to take that information and tell the story of why we need more people,” Mike stated.

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