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How saved one BtoC brand from losing a chunk of their budget within a few hours. 

The Challenge

A social media leader at a multibillion-dollar BtoC retail company was going through an RFP process with a vendor to support their program.

While the meeting, pitch, and demo all went smoothly, the leader decided to get unbiased feedback directly from peer practitioners at before signing the contract with the vendor to see if this partnership was really worth the investment. 

The Response

Within a couple of hours, multiple members (all fellow social media leaders at billion-dollar brands) responded in our online discussion forum.

They shared personal testimonials from their own brands’ partnerships with the vendor and listed a set of questions they wished they asked the vendor before getting involved with them.

The Results

The social media leader went ahead and asked the recommended questions to the vendor before finalizing the contract — and quickly realized from the responses that they weren’t the right fit for what they needed in their social media program. It was a $100,000 save for their team’s budget. 

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