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Social media leaders love this community. Health has helped us cut through the clutter and the noise of people in the industry who think they know what’s right. This has given us an invaluable tool to get some insight from people that have the exact same issues that we’re having.

Brad Haller, Mercy

I’m proud to be part of the community and represent Mayo Clinic. Health and are two of the most influential communities I’ve ever been a part of. Five stars — highly recommend!

Josh Cortez, Mayo Clinic

After budget cuts, I fought to keep this membership because this is the best professional resource I’ve had in my entire career.

Mark Murdock, Kindred Healthcare

It was important for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare to join Health as a founding member to ensure that our social teams have access to the best minds in healthcare social media. Health opens doors to conversations and relationships with peer organizations that would otherwise be closed — that is invaluable. Every organization that participates in Health offers new perspectives, ideas, and opportunities, and we are all better for it.

Amanda Mauck, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

I love being a part of a community of professionals who understand the struggles we are faced with as social media people within large healthcare systems. The support I felt from everyone is something I will never be able to explain.

Brittany Vajda, Sentara Healthcare

This group is a godsend. Seriously.

Rosaria Mineo, Cooper University Health Care

I’ve gotten some great advice and brainstormed with people doing the same job — having that network is invaluable.

Liz Martin, University Hospitals

I have been a member of various types of marketing organizations, and I would say that Health is by far the best one. It’s overwhelming how much you walk away with.

James Sims III, Northwestern Medicine

Social media moves so quickly, and it requires a lot of creativity. It’s great to be a part of a community that can catch you up on what you may have missed and also inspire you.

Clarissa Chavez, Augusta University Health

Looking for a safe place to get your tough questions answered, hang out with like-minded people, and discuss topics that are pertinent to your interests and industry? This community is it!

Judy Prett, Riverside Healthcare

The Health team does a good job broadening and combining ideas to create topics that a larger group of members are interested in.

Kevin Vicker, Children’s Hospital Colorado

Guiding social media for a public health system during a pandemic has been a wild ride to say the least. But doing it alongside the incredible folks leading sophisticated (and impressively well-staffed) programs at major hospitals like Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, and many more as a member of Health has made it exponentially less daunting.

Taylor Hinton-Ridling, Erlanger Health System Health members really have each other’s back and want to know about each other’s success.

Ashley Restivo, Highmark

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