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Hello! This page covers our eligibility requirements and how to nominate members for your roster. is for leaders who are setting policy and leading strategy for social media programs at major brands. Membership is generally limited to managers and above, and is never open to front-line tactical, service, and content roles, junior staff (including most specialists and coordinators), or anyone without significant professional experience.

We hold all members to this standard, and we carefully screen every single application. Fewer than 60% of nominees are accepted for membership, and only 20% of nominees below the manager level are accepted.

We promise you a private, screened community of peers. This is what you pay us for.

The sole purpose of our community is to help you connect with people like you, with jobs like yours (and problems like yours), at companies like yours.

We wouldn’t be here if we started making exceptions or lowering our membership standards, and we simply couldn’t deliver on the value you’ve come to expect from this community.

As a leader, you need this.

As a social media leader, your day is dedicated to helping your team, your brand, and the public. This is the only place that’s dedicated to helping you.

You need a place where leaders can help each other — without your team, bosses, or vendors listening in. The rest of your team has many options for social media training, conferences, and content. is the one resource where leaders take care of each other.

We need your help.

As a Board Chair, we need your help maintaining this promise for all members.

Membership is a valuable experience, and we understand that everyone would like to bring their right-hand and up-and-coming leader. It’s tempting to send your direct report to represent you. But if we let everyone bring their plus one, this would no longer be the leadership organization that we promised you.

If everyone sent someone to listen and report back, nobody would be contributing, and the community would quickly lose its value. If everyone was here to get trained, no one would be sharing.

We ask you to help us hold the line by only nominating members of your leadership team who set strategy and have decision-making authority.

If your social media leaders don’t have the time to participate, you may not want to remain a member company. (But remember, everything we do is designed to be extremely efficient for busy leaders, who get great value with minimal time commitment.)

The Eligibility Requirements

Members are usually VPs, directors, or managers with authority over their social media program.

Our membership criteria:

  1. Decision maker: Members must be senior decision makers who set strategy and policy for social media programs. They have a seat at the table to determine strategy, control budgets, hire staff, and select third-party vendors.
  2. Substantial professional experience: Members must have substantial professional experience in a directly related role (marketing, communications, PR, etc.). They need proven experience working alongside strategic decision makers in a corporate environment at the Fortune 1000 level.
  3. Social media sophistication: Members must have knowledge and experience that allows them to contribute to high-level discussions regarding social media strategy and leadership.

Additional membership requirements:

  1. Full-time employee: All members must be full-time employees. At no time may consultants, contractors, agencies, part-time employees, or any other outsiders participate.
  2. No conflicts of interest: Any individual who is selling social media products or services is ineligible for This includes, but is not limited to, offering consulting services, vendor relationships, or affiliation with organizations that could be seen as a conflict of interest — even on a part-time, board, or advisory basis.
  3. Based in North America and speaks English: Member activities happen during North American business hours in English.

Who Can’t Participate is not a training organization and is not for front-line social media staff. It is not for the people who exclusively execute social media tactics day-to-day. New hires, people in entry-level roles, and junior staff (even if they’re being groomed for a future leadership role) are not allowed.

Most nominees are declined for these reasons:

  • They’re a member of the front-line social media team. These are the folks exclusively focused on the day-to-day publishing of content, moderating social media channels, or delivering social customer service.
  • They have limited or unrelated professional experience. They don’t have substantial experience having strategic-level conversations with marketing and communications executives at major brands.
  • They’re a trainee or new to social. They lack social media sophistication and can’t contribute to our conversations. This includes anyone being prepared for a future leadership role.
  • Their only role is a niche use of social media, such as HR.These highly specialized uses and perspectives are often distracting to the broader conversation. And because their questions are generally out of sync with the community’s conversation, these folks don’t get useful answers.

Some helpful rules of thumb to consider when nominating someone:

  • Are they at the table when decisions are being made? For example, are they choosing to launch a presence on a new platform, or are they hired to manage it (after the decision is made)?
  • Are they making strategic commitments? Do they represent your company in negotiations with vendors, tech providers, and agencies? Do they control the budget? Or, are they using these resources after the contract has been signed? Would they represent your brand in a negotiation with a major social media platform or just manage your presence on the platform?
  • Are they setting the strategy? Are they creating the strategy, getting buy-in, and reporting results to leadership? Or, are they exclusively focused on executing the social media strategy that others create?
  • Could they represent your company in a discussion with VPs from Fortune 100 brands?

The Application Process

When you make a nomination, you represent that the nominee is a senior decision maker with substantial professional experience and social media sophistication. They are ready to represent your brand to a group of senior leaders.

Please let them know that the process takes up to two weeks and fewer than 60% of nominees are accepted into the community (and only 20% below the manager level).

How it works:

  • All reviews are discreet. We will only communicate with you and the nominee.
  • As we review the qualifications, we may contact you with further questions, and we may interview the nominee.
  • There is no expedited process. We can’t fast-track someone just to get them into an upcoming meeting.
  • We’ll notify you if the nominee isn’t accepted.
  • If a nominee is accepted, congratulations! We’ll begin our process to welcome them into After orientation and confidentiality agreements are complete, they will have full access to the community.

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