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Membership is limited to decision-makers setting policy and strategy. Everyone is reviewed for seniority and authority. Members are typically VPs and directors, and no one below manager may participate.

The Eligibility Requirements

Members are experienced senior leaders with authority over their programs.

Individual criteria:

  • Senior decision-makers who have responsibility for their program. Determines strategy, sets policy, controls budgets, selects vendors, hires staff, and manages the team. Minimum title of manager (no exceptions).
  • Substantial, relevant professional experience.
  • Subject matter expertise. Able to contribute to high-level discussions on strategy and leadership in this field.

Additional membership requirements:

  • Full-time employees. All members must be full-time employees. At no time may consultants, contractors, vendors, part-time employees, or any other outsiders participate.
  • No conflicts of interest. Any individual with a conflict of interest is ineligible for membership. Conflicts may include selling or promoting, consulting, vendor relationships, or conflicting affiliations with companies or organizations — even on a part-time, board, or advisory basis.
  • Board Chairs and their team must be based in North America, and your program must have a substantial North American component. Board Members on the roster are allowed to be based outside of North America. Community activities happen during North American business hours in English.

Who Can’t Participate

Membership is not appropriate for all roles and situations. These individuals are not allowed to participate:

  • Front-line staff: This is a group for established leaders in decision-making positions. We don’t accept membership from front-line staffers focused on day-to-day execution.
  • Trainees (regardless of seniority): We’re not a training organization, and we’re not a place for people to get up to speed who are new hires, future leaders, or experienced people who are entering this field for the first time.
  • Niche roles: Members are expected to contribute to the broad, function-wide leadership conversation. People who are focused on narrow roles don’t get value from the group and aren’t strong contributors.

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