Founders Meeting

October 16, 2018 • Chicago, IL

Members only. Confidential. Conversations.

Welcome to the first meeting for your new community.

The Founders Meeting is unlike the typical Member Meetings you’ll experience in the future. You’ll help set the stage for this fantastic new community.

As one of the founders, this is your chance to frame the issues, focus the purpose, and build deeper relationships with your fellow founders.

We’ll focus on:

  • What are the critical issues for X members to discuss?
  • What are the unique challenges for running social media at a major brand?
  • What are the right types of organizations for membership in the community?
  • Which individuals on your teams will be the best contributors to the conversation?
  • What are the ground rules and format of X activities?

What’s special about Member Meetings

1. Conversations that Matter

We’ll talk about the important issues that you’re facing as a social media leader. Bring the tough problems you’re trying to solve and the questions you can’t ask anywhere else.

2. Confidential, Off-the-Record, and Members-Only

No vendors, no agencies, and no sponsors. Every conversation is completely confidential (no recording, blogging, etc.), and every participant is a social media leader at a major brand.

3. It’s Not a Conference, It’s a Discussion

Member Meetings are designed for high-value conversations that will help you be a better social media leader. There are no panels, keynotes, sponsors, or other distractions.

What’s Happening at This Member Meeting

We’ll have three kinds of incredible conversations:


Member-chosen, member-led peer-to-peer discussions on the hottest issues of the moment.

Large Group Discussions

Our large-group format is where we’ll dig into some big topics about the community together.

Meal Discussions

Meals aren’t just breaks — they’re formal parts of the program where some of the best conversations happen.


Who Can Attend

1. Registration is Not Open to the Public

This meeting is private, off-the-record, and exclusively for people leading social media at major brands. All registrations are reviewed, and everyone will have signed a confidentiality agreement.

2. The Dinner on Monday is Members-Only

Everyone in the room will be a X member and a founder of this community.

3. Tuesday is Members-Only and Invited Guests

The Founders Meeting is off the record, but some prospective members will be joining us.