We screen every company and every member.

Every. Single. One.

This is the brands-only community for people leading social strategy at the world’s greatest brands. Our screening process is what makes this possible.

There are no vendors, no agencies, no salespeople, no small businesses, no front-line customer service representatives, and no folks who work in support roles.

Everyone you meet will be someone who has been there and done that. They have the same jobs as you, they know exactly what you’re up against, and they’re ready to help.

Company Eligibility

We screen every company to ensure they meet our eligibility requirements before they’re allowed to join. As much as we love welcoming new members, our community is so valuable because every brand in the room is facing similar challenges at a similar scale.

Our requirements:

  • Brands only: Member companies must be major BtoB or BtoC brands. Anyone selling social media services is not allowed to participate.
  • Minimum size: Member companies must have at least 4,000 employees and $1B in revenue.
  • Sophisticated in social media: Member companies must have established social media programs and industry knowledge to share.

Member Qualifications

Every conversation you have and every connection you make will be with someone who can help you become a better social media leader.

Members are usually VPs, directors, or managers with authority over their social media program.

Our membership criteria:

  • Decision maker: Members must be senior decision makers who set strategy and policy for social media programs. They have a seat at the table to determine strategy, control budgets, hire staff, and select third-party vendors.
  • Substantial professional experience: Members must have at least five years of strong professional experience in a directly related role (marketing, communications, PR, etc.). They need proven experience working alongside strategic decision makers in a corporate environment at the Fortune 1000 level.
  • Social media sophistication: Members must have knowledge and experience that allows them to contribute to high-level discussions regarding social media strategy and leadership.

Additional membership requirements:

  • Full-time employee: All members must be full-time employees. At no time may consultants, contractors, agencies, part-time employees, or any other outsiders participate.
  • No conflicts of interest: Any individual who is selling social media products or services is ineligible for SocialMedia.org. This includes, but is not limited to, offering consulting services, vendor relationships, or affiliation with organizations that could be seen as a conflict of interest — even on a part-time, board, or advisory basis.
  • Based in North America and speaks English: Member activities happen during North American business hours in English.

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