You have a weird job. But you’re not alone.

Welcome to Talent's new blog.

It's dedicated to our members: the people leading talent acquisition and employer brand for social media at major corporations. It's one part showing off all of the great things they do, one part showing you you're not alone.

Because yes, your job is weird.

There aren't many people with the same challenges, the same worries that keep them up at night, the same privilege of perspective, or the same opportunity to create change.

We know a lot of people like you.

And our only job at Talent is to bring people like you together and give you a safe space to have the conversations you can't have anywhere else.

If you're a member, this blog will help you get to know your community better and build deeper connections on those shared experiences.

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This is the only place in the world talking about exactly what you do.

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