Brands-Only Social Media Strategy Discussions

February 22, 2018
Facebook’s News Feed changes: Rethinking your strategy?

2 PM ET / 1 PM CT


Use this form to register for’s private, brands-only call on Thursday, February 22nd, at 1 PM CT. members hop on the phone for a real-time conversation about the hot topic on everyone’s mind, a behind-the-scenes look at a member’s program, or simply for a chance to pick each others’ brains. These aren’t presentations or webinars — just great conversations among members. And because it’s confidential and vendor-free, you get much better information from people who’ve been there and done that. (See our FAQ list for more details.)

About the call:

The New York Times called Facebook’s News Feed changes to deemphasize media and publisher content in favor of friends and family posts the “most significant overhaul in years to Facebook’s News Feed.” We had a great call to discuss ramifications and planning for members in our community within days of the announcement. Now we want to talk about it with you.

Join us on this call to discuss the impact of the change on your strategy. We’ll talk about whether it’s time to further diversify platforms, your questions about the timing of the changes, and what it means to maximize the amount of content with “meaningful interaction” that people consume on Facebook. Members of from Boeing, Cox Enterprises, Pfizer, and Toys “R” Us will be on the call to share their perspectives, too.

Who’s coming (so far):

Katja Bukowski from Boeing, Jennifer Haubein from BP, Apryl Pilolli from Cox Enterprises, Alyssa Santoli from KeyBank, Chad Parizman from Pfizer, and Samantha Schoenauer from Toys “R” Us.

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