You’ll love this community.

LaSandra Brill

“ is the single most important source of information for a social media practitioner.”

LaSandra Brill, Cisco Systems

Matthew Staub

“I always feel up-to-date. If it’s important, we’re talking about it at”

Matthew Staub, H&R Block

Brian Snyder

“Members are leaders who manage social media for big brands every day. They’ve seen it all and are willing to share generously. It’s an amazing group of people unlike any other.”

Brian Snyder, Whirlpool

Dan Phelps

“We have found to be unlike any other organization. You always know who you are talking to, and it’s one of the few forums where I have seen competitors work together to help each other out.”

Dan Phelps, Wells Fargo

Todd Blecher

“This is the only dedicated social media association we actively participate in because it’s the only one we need.”

Todd Blecher, Boeing

Nestor Portillo

“This isn’t just another networking group — it’s a vibrant community of practitioners where I get peer-to-peer support and an opportunity to shape the future of social media for my company.”

Nestor Portillo, Microsoft

Richard Binhammer

“We need as a safe haven both for information sharing and perspectives.”

Richard Binhammer, Dell

Jennifer Dominiquini

“There’s not a conversation that’s not relevant or valuable.”

Jennifer Dominiquini, Sears

Ed Nicholson

“Typically, you have to do the work to get the value from your various associations. These guys work hard to deliver the value to you. It’s a good bunch of folks.”

Ed Nicholson, Tyson Foods

Rob Halper

“I’ve found to be enormously helpful, both as a reservoir of knowledge and a great networking opportunity. I’d highly recommend joining”

Rob Halper, Johnson & Johnson

Debbie Curtis-Magley

“The guidance and insights we’ve gained from other members has been instrumental in helping us shape our social media practices.”

Debbie Curtis-Magley, Ariba

Jennie Ecclestone

“It’s so nice to have a group of other corporate social media practitioners to learn from and trade ideas with.”

Jennie Ecclestone, General Motors

Lorie Robinson

“ is more valuable than any other social media group I belong to or blog I read.”

Lorie Robinson, Sabre Holdings

Len Devanna

“We’re very impressed with the collaboration and intellectual capital from this group!”

Len Devanna, EMC Corporation

Vanessa Sain-Dieguez

“I can’t express how much we love”

Vanessa Sain-Dieguez, Hilton Worldwide

Chuck Stephens

“ is always informative, helpful, and well worth the time.”

Chuck Stephens, Humana

David Cluka

“We learn things we’re able to implement the next day, using tools we already own, at no additional cost.”

David Cluka, Briggs & Stratton

Julie Finlay

“I love how this community shares and collaborates.”

Julie Finlay, USAA

Isaac Pigott

“ provides the perfect sounding board for questions and ideas that get beyond the individual’s capabilities, and the answers are from the people who share our needs for solutions that scale.”

Isaac Pigott, Southern Company

Bill Hollowsky

“The opportunity to share internal issues that come with running a social media program is very valuable! I feel like we’re all in the same boat.”

Bill Hollowsky, SunGard

Doug Childs

“ provides a great platform for collaborating with industry peers on social media opportunities and challenges.”

Doug Childs, Intel

Mark Squires

“The opportunity for open discussion and idea sharing with other like-minded companies has proven beneficial to our team, their work, and our outreach.”

Mark Squires, Nokia

Amy Paquette

“ is doing such a great job at keeping us smarter and smarter, encouraging us to share our successes as well as our wounds and lessons learned.”

Amy Paquette, Cisco

Sherri Maxson

“ is unlike any association or social media club. It’s made up of peers who are ready, willing, and able to share insights and best practices with one another.”

Sherri Maxson, Grainger

Sarah Molinari

“I’m always turning to my peers on the Council. Their experience and input is amazing.”

Sarah Molinari, The Home Depot

Yann Gourvennec

“This is the ultimate group of social media practitioners from big brands.”

Yann Gourvennec, Orange Business Services

Regina DeMars

“I love how I can ask a question to the group and get an answer in two seconds.”

Regina DeMars, ConAgra Foods

Nathan Eide

“I’m better at my job because of relationships I’ve built within”

Nathan Eide, Deluxe

Justin Fogarty

“When someone I work with comes to me with a question, I can drop a name of one of the other members and say, ‘Well they do it this way, I’m not crazy.'”

Justin Fogarty, Ariba

Todd Carpenter

“The private forum for is awesome. I love watching big companies help each other.”

Todd Carpenter, National Association of Realtors

Kim Evans

“Since the moment I joined, I’ve been thrilled with the information sharing and open dialogs.”

Kim Evans, Life Technologies

Laura Kolodjeski

“ has become a key asset for performing my job well.”

Laura Kolodjeski, Sanofi US

Jan Deneroff

“Much of the depth of my understanding about social media comes from”

Jan Deneroff, IRS

Matt Melander

“The therapy piece of it alone — it’s great to hear other people talking about the same things you are and know that you’re not taking crazy pills.”

Matt Melander, Supervalu

Sharon Taniguchi

“I love the honest communications and interactions.”

Sharon Taniguchi, McAfee

Camille Lauer

“ feels like my extended team — the moral support, the expertise, and the ability to relate.”

Camille Lauer, Hallmark

Angela Scibelli

“ is the team I need, but don’t have in the office. As a one-person department, the Council has offered me a tremendous amount of support and advice during busy and tough times.”

Angela Scibelli, Reebok

Nadia Safi

“ is an awesome thing to be a part of because it 1.) helps you learn more about social media, 2.) gives you advice from people in the same position, and 3.) is a never ending resource of information.”

Nadia Safi, Whirlpool