Orlando January 25-27, 2016

SocialMedia.org’s Brands‑Only Summit

The Conference for Social Media Leaders at the World’s Greatest Brands

No Vendors  16 Peer-to-Peer Discussions  12 Classes  12 Case Studies


Off-the-record conversations with social media leaders like you

A brief summary of the meeting:

On the final day of our third Brands-Only Summit in Orlando, 316 social media executives from 177 brands met for a series of confidential, off-the-record discussions.

SocialMedia.org members chose one of seven topics to discuss in detail during the morning which included:

  • Owned communities
  • Listening strategies
  • Organizing your team
  • Metrics and ROI
  • Social media and crisis situations
  • Employee advocacy
  • Paid social strategies

Attendees discussed the themes as a group and then broke into small group discussions to delve into the detail of some of the most important sub-topics.

For the afternoon each room set their own agenda by suggesting and upvoting the topics to discuss. Then, the groups broke out into 16 peer-to-peer conversations throughout the day based on the topics they chose. These breakout discussions focused on topics like: user-generated content, connecting social media to business goals, specific channel strategies, measuring what matters, influencer relationships, social selling.

After a full day of collaboration in our individual meetings, all members came together as one big group for a final opportunity to network over drinks and last-minute snacks for the trip home.