Orlando October 27–29, 2014

SocialMedia.org’s Brands-Only Summit

The “How to Run Social Media at a Big Brand” Conference

No Vendors  16 Peer-to-Peer Discussions  12 Classes  12 Case Studies


Off-the-record conversations with social media leaders like you

A brief summary of the meeting:

To wrap up our second Brands-Only Summit, more than 280 social media executives met in Orlando for a series of confidential discussions during Member Meeting 33. SocialMedia.org members chose one of six topics to discuss in detail during the morning. These topics included: social media metrics and ROI, listening strategies, employee advocacy, social media marketing and advertising, platform strategies, working with influencers, and becoming a social business. Attendees discussed the large themes as a group and then broke into small group discussions to delve into the detail of some of the most important sub-topics.

After a delicious lunch, members reconvened for an afternoon of 16 peer-to-peer conversations. Attendees had the chance to suggest topics so the agenda was customized to the people in each room. These discussions focused on things like global social media strategy, social media crisis plans, managing social sprawl, in-house vs. outsourcing, scaling social media customer service, and more.

After a full day of collaboration in our individual meetings, all attendees came together as one big group for our final session of the day. We shared takeaways from our meetings, said goodbye to new and old friends, and celebrated a successful Brands-Only Summit.