Orlando January 23-25, 2017

SocialMedia.org’s Brands‑Only Summit

The Conference for Social Media Leaders at the World’s Greatest Brands

No Vendors  Members Only  32 Peer-to-Peer Discussions  24 Case Studies


The Brands-Only Summit is all about connections, conversations, and case studies with other social media leaders. But if you want to expand your Summit experience, come early on Monday, January 23, to the Pre-Conference.

The day before the Brands-Only Summit, your fellow SocialMedia.org members and a few of our favorite thought leaders will lead deep dive workshops on their expertise. For an added fee of $500, the Pre-Conference is your chance to hear and absorb new ideas from experts who are actually doing it.

That night, we’ll also hold the Brands-Only Summit Kick-Off dinner for all attendees.

Monday, January 23: 10:00 AM — 4:40 PM


10:00 AM Registration


Track 1
Member-Led Workshops

Track 2
Special Guest Sessions

10:30 AM Regional or bust: Content development hits the road, presented by Monsanto’s Wes Matthews

Find content opportunities. Build relationships. Tell regional stories. This 45-minute workshop will teach you how to build a regional content plan from the ground up.

Sparking advocacy and building brands of greatness, presented by Brains on Fire’s Geno Church and Robbin Phillips

People, not marketers, are the true drivers of word of mouth, but somewhere along the way brands have lost their vision and humanity. Any brand can do great business, but embracing advocates is the true hallmark of brand greatness. Greatness goes beyond us. It’s something bigger and deeper than any one person. It requires a rebellion against the way things have always been done. It’s about the people.

We all want advocates, but do you know who those people are? In this session, Geno Church and Robbin Phillips of Brains on Fire will help you find the path to your people. It starts by listening and being interested. Ready to get your hands dirty and get closer to the people who love you for the way you love them? It starts with a shared ship.

11:15 AM Break
11:25 AM Social media livestreaming: A live playbook for success, presented by Cox Enterprises’ Apryl Pilolli

From high-level strategy about how to create engaging live streams, to tactics like what camera to use, Cox Enterprises’ Apryl Pilolli will share their guide to Facebook Live success for beginners and advanced users alike.

Sparking advocacy and building brands of greatness

Part 2

Lunch Presentation and Conversations

12:10 PM Community Lunch and Conversations
12:30 PM Keynote: Live video live! presented by Chris Pirillo

Chris Pirillo — pioneering video blogger, VloggerFair founder, and LockerGnome host — will join us to lead a series of live interviews with social media video stars (via video). We’ll get a look at who they are, what makes them tick, and how brands can work with influencers.

1:00 PM Break


Track 1
Member-Led Workshops

Track 2
Special Guest Sessions

1:10 PM Social media disclosure and ethics for big brands, presented by SocialMedia.org’s Andy Sernovitz

Ethics is the foundation of word of mouth and social media success — because no one is going to share your message if they don’t trust you and respect you. Learn how to do the right thing and stay out of trouble with proper disclosure, social media policies, and training.

Working with video talent, presented by Chris Pirillo

Pioneering video blogger Chris Pirillo will present a step-by-step workshop on what you need to know to run effective social media influencer campaigns with video talent.

1:55 PM Break
2:05 PM 5 steps to getting C-suite buy-in, presented by Vanguard’s Allen Plummer

You’ll learn how Allen Plummer earned buy-in at Vanguard as he shares insights on finding the right metrics, bringing in legal, managing content, and becoming a force to be reckoned with inside of marketing.

Writing without bullshit for social media professionals, presented by Josh Bernoff

Your whole staff learned to write the wrong way. Online readers demand a short, front-loaded style that gets to the point in the first 50 words. Learn the four things to check before writing anything, how to break toxic prose habits, and how to manage social media writers for maximum impact.

2:50 PM Break
3:00 PM Remedies for a better reputation by Pfizer’s Chad Parizman

Big corporations have always been a target for negativity. Learn from Chad how Pfizer is turning this around by sharing their untold stories in social media.

Writing without bullshit for social media professionals

Part 2

3:45 PM Break
3:55 PM How to measure what matters: Killing social media vanity metrics, presented by Wendy’s Brandon Rhoten

Brandon will share a guide to generating reports that measures business impact (not just likes and followers), and creates a case for your organization to invest more in social.

Writing without bullshit for social media professionals

Part 3

It’s a Wrap!

5:00 – 7:00 PM Welcome BBQ

Everyone attending the Brands-Only Summit is invited to meet us at the Shipwreck Beach for a casual get-together with drinks and great food (including veggie options).

Registration is closed