Orlando January 23-25, 2017

SocialMedia.org’s Brands‑Only Summit

The Conference for Social Media Leaders at the World’s Greatest Brands

No Vendors  Members Only  32 Peer-to-Peer Discussions  24 Case Studies

Brands only. Members only. Really.

This is the only social media conference on earth that’s truly for brands — and only for brands.

There are a lot of great conferences out there — events put on by hardworking people who are doing great things. But even the best ones are either selling sponsors access to you or speaking slots on stage — or both.

But we’ve found that something special happens when you get the people selling stuff out of the room. It’s what our members experience every day in our community at SocialMedia.org — a private, off-the-record space where social media leaders can get unbiased answers without being pitched.

We’re extending that experience to this event, which means we’re not accepting any sponsorships, and there are no speaking slots for sale. And now, we’re closing the door to guests too. If someone isn’t a member of SocialMedia.org, they’re not allowed in the room.

The established conference for brands

Since 2007, SocialMedia.org has hosted more than 50 conferences for social media leaders at really big companies.

We bring social media leaders together. This is what we do, and this is all we do.

When it comes to crafting experiences that matter to social media leaders like you, nobody has more experience than us.

We’re 100% clear on who we serve: social leaders at brands. Our loyalty isn’t split between trying to satisfy you, our sponsors, and the press.

You’ll feel the difference the moment you walk in the room.

Because there are no vendors in the room, you’re never a target for someone’s sales pitch.

You won’t have to hide your badge from exhibitors when you’re walking around the event, because there aren’t any. And you won’t hear the room groan when the vendor shares their sales pitch slides, because they won’t be presenting.

You’re going to be with your people.

Every single attendee is a member of SocialMedia.org, and they’re all people like you. Thousands of social media leaders from hundreds of the world’s biggest brands have attended our events since 2007. Here’s a very short list of them:

Past attendees

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