Member Meeting 6
August 11-12, 2009

Focus on: Crisis management and social media

Thanks to our host: General Mills

General Mills

We were thrilled that General Mills hosted the case study presentations at their headquarters in the Minneapolis suburb of Golden Valley, MN.

Special thanks to member Mark Addicks for helping make our meeting possible.

Featuring pre-conference case studies from:


Scott Monty, Global Digital and Multimedia Communications Manager

Learn how Ford is re-establishing its brand and directly connecting with customers through social media.


Suraya Bliss, Senior Director of Corporate Web Properties, and Dave Tovar, Senior Director of Digital Communications and PR

Learn how Walmart engages with massive audiences — both internally and externally — via social media.


Heather Oldani, Senior Director of Communications, and Steve Wilson, Senior Director of Global Web Communications

Learn how McDonald’s manages social media on a global, national, and regional scale.

Mayo Clinic

Lee Aase, Social Media Manager

Learn how Mayo Clinic uses Twitter, blogs, and podcasts to boost their online social media presence.


Matthew Lehman, Web Experience Director

Learn how Progressive is using social media to share critical information with their customers.

CME Group

Allan Schoenberg, Director of Corporate Communications

Learn how BtoB marketer CME Group has used Twitter to grow a following of over 800,000 people.


Sean Cheyney, VP of Marketing and Business Development

Learn how AccuQuote uses tools like Feedburner, Google Alerts, Twitter Search, and APIs to track and measure engagement.

What the meeting was like

We had a remarkable day high atop Minneapolis for this Member Meeting. 20 attendees from 17 different companies gathered at the Millennium Hotel Minneapolis.

Our morning conversation focused on crisis management and social media: when to respond, when to stay quiet, and managing internal and external expectations. Robust afternoon breakouts covered a wide variety of topics, including measuring ROI, building a social media team, and BtoB strategies.

We finished the day with a private conversation with Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, the creators of ROWE: Results‐Only Work

Our guest speakers: Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson

Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson created the Results-Only Work Environment from within the bowels of Corporate America – while at the same time, juggling families, careers and all the other demands of life.

They recognize that the traditional solution of flexible schedules is not the answer to managing life’s many twists and turns. Work sucked. So they set out to fix it, and they share their philosophies in the new book, Why Works Sucks: And How to Fix It.