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Chairs-Only Leadership Program

Tuesday, January 23

A one-day Leadership Retreat at the Winter Member Meeting.

This is an inspiring day of conversations for those who have the responsibility of leading their social media teams at the world’s greatest brands.

We’re all about bringing leaders together for deep conversations, and for this one day during the Winter Member Meeting, we’re focusing on the highest level of social media leaders for in-depth conversations on the unique leadership challenges you face. Chairs will pick topics and lead discussions in a casual format designed to maximize connections and conversations.

Exclusively for those who lead their memberships.

You’ll connect with the people leading social media (and their memberships) at big brands just like you. We’ll be more focused on leadership topics at this meeting, and we’ll do it in two ways:

  1. Members will lead discussions on major topics we’ll announce ahead of time. (We’ll reach out in the weeks leading up to the event to invite you to lead a discussion.)
  2. We’ll have unconferences where we’ll pick topics on the fly based on what matters most in the moment.

Agenda – Tuesday, January 23


Rise and shine!

8:00 AM Breakfast Discussions and Welcome Activities
The conversations over coffee and eggs at this event are often more lively than any other conference’s happy hour. You’ll want to be here bright and early.

Member-Led Sessions

9:00 AM How to make small teams as productive as possible

Katie Boertman, Asurion

Promoting yourself internally and advancing your career

Leah Schultz, Papa John’s

9:30 AM Break
9:40 AM How to measure B2B key messages

Steve Crosby, Hess Corporation

Managing your Center of Excellence

Sherry Roper, Capital One

10:10 AM Grab a Snack
10:40 AM Facebook News Feed changes

Carla Meyer, Logitech

Emotional health messaging and best practices for medical content marketing

Nicole Borohad, Rite Aid

11:10 AM Break
11:20 AM How brand marketing and paid social operate in the same ecosystem and how to best approach multichannel marketing with paid social

Blake Menezes, Autodesk

Using employees as social ambassadors

Devon Eyer, Johnson & Johnson

Let’s Eat!

12:00 PM Community Lunch and Conversations
12:30 PM Keynote: The Power of Onlyness: Make Your Wild Ideas Mighty Enough to Dent the World

Nilofer Merchant

If you’re like most people, you wish you had the ability to make a difference, but you don’t have the credentials or a seat at the table, or can’t get past the gatekeepers, or aren’t high enough in any hierarchy to get your ideas heard.

Nilofer Merchant, one of the world’s top-ranked business thinkers, will reveal that, in fact, we have now reached an unprecedented moment of opportunity for your ideas to “make a dent” on the world. Now that the internet has liberated ideas to spread and scale through networks rather than hierarchies, power is no longer determined by your status, but by “onlyness” — that spot in the world only you stand in, a function of your distinct history and experiences, visions and hopes. If you build upon your signature ingredient of purpose and connect with those who are equally passionate, you have a new lever by which to move the world. Dent by dent, the world can be reshaped to include you and what you believe in.

Chairs-Only Unconferences

1:30 PM Unconference Introduction
1:40 PM Chairs-Only Unconference Round 1
2:10 PM Break
2:20 PM Chairs-Only Unconference Round 2
2:50 PM Big Break
3:20 PM Chairs-Only Unconference Round 3
3:50 PM Break
4:00 PM Chairs-Only Unconference Round 4

Time to unwind and make friends!

7:00 PM Member Dinner

(Meet at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort’s main lobby at 6:40 PM to walk with the group to Epcot’s American Adventure Pavilion; a bus will also be available.)

The Member Meeting activities will continue — and one of the highlights is our big night out together. We’ll all go out for a fantastic dinner together at Epcot’s American Adventure, and then walk over to the Isle de France for dessert and fireworks. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with your fellow members after a big day of brainstorming, discussion, and collaboration.