Members only. Confidential. Conversations.

You can’t miss this one. Here’s why.

Why you should be here.

As a social media leader at a big brand, this is your meeting.

This is where you go to have conversations you can’t have anywhere else. You’ll get information you can’t get from your vendors, agencies, and consultants.

It’s where you’ll hear about new opportunities, because fellow members will be talking about things that haven’t made the mainstream conversation yet. It’s also where you’ll avoid risk, because the confidential conversations allow you to learn things about platforms, vendors, and strategies that literally aren’t shared anywhere else.

It’s also a ton of fun, and it’s the only time of the year you’ll get to meet with your peers.

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Why it’s different.

Member Meetings are unlike any other conference or event you’ve been to.

You’ll experience peer-to-peer discussions where you’ll pick the topics and you’ll join the discussions that interest you most. And because everything is confidential and only leaders are allowed to attend, every conversation is incredibly useful and relevant.

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Why you should bring your team.

A lot of members bring their teams to Member Meetings, and here’s why:

  • With three tracks of content, bringing a team helps them divide and conquer all the content.
  • It’s a great chance for a team off-site. For some teams, Member Meetings are their best chance to get together as a group for planning, strategy, and connecting.
  • Plus, you get $250 off each registration when you bring three or more teammates.

Need a place for your team to meet before or after the event? Just let us know!

Why you should speak.

Leading a Show & Tell is a great opportunity to show off your program — but a lot of members love doing it because it also gives them a chance to calibrate and get feedback from a room full of experienced peers. And because there’s no video taping, recording, or blogging, you can open up and share freely. There’s no pressure to give a perfect presentation (we can see those at any event) — instead, we can dig into what really works (and what really doesn’t).