Members only. Confidential. Conversations.

We’ll have four types of great of conversations.

You’ll experience Unconferences, Show & Tell talks, Workshops, and Meal Discussions.


Unconferences are fast-paced, peer-to-peer discussions where you suggest discussion topics, vote for your favorites, and join the conversations that interest you most. It means you’re spending the entire time talking about exactly the right things for you, not some canned agenda set by meeting planners months in advance.

1. Conversations Start Before the Event

Topics suggested beforehand
Members start suggesting topics online a month before the event.

2. Topics Are Suggested Live at the Event

Unconference Board
Members suggest topics in real time by writing them on cards, sticking them on the wall, and voting for their favorites.

3. We Curate Topics in Real Time

Unconference Curators
Just before discussions start, we curate the topics to facilitate the most interesting conversations. Remaining topics are rolled back into community conversations as email discussions and Show & Tell Calls.

4. We Talk!

Unconference Group

We have multiple rounds of peer-to-peer discussions, and each round has 3-4 topics. You join the topics that are most interesting to you. There are no moderators, no recording, and no notes — it’s all about sharing in off-the-record, fun, and inspiring conversations with leaders like you.

Show & Tell

A Show & Tell is a casual talk led by a member who walks us through a portion of their social media program. They’re stories about something they tried, a challenge they faced, what went well, what didn’t work, and what they hope to do next.

These are 20 minutes followed by Q&A. These aren’t polished or canned presentations, they’re a conversation and a glimpse behind the scenes of another member’s program.

We’ll hear from:

Show and Tell


We’ll have guest experts leading workshops. These are fascinating conversations where you can dig into the latest research, speak directly with policy-makers, or learn a new skill.

Meal Discussions



Our meals aren’t just breaks, they’re a substantive part of the meeting experience where some of the best conversations happen. Most meetings include breakfast, lunch, and dinner as official parts of the program.

You’ll want to be there on time, and don’t plan on bringing your laptop or opening your inbox. This is a time where we focus on unstructured conversations so you can have great discussions — both personal and business — that build deep relationships with your fellow members.