Member Meeting 41
October 26-27, 2016

Case Studies

To kick off Member Meeting 41, we featured eight 20-minute presentations on corporate social media in one fast afternoon. We had two simultaneous tracks where SocialMedia.org members took the stage to show us behind the scenes of their social media programs.



Morgan Baden, VP of Social Media and Internal Communications

Learn how Scholastic is using new streaming video options to refresh their approach to content and engaging more fans in the process.

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Alison Woo, Corporate Digital and Social Media Strategy Lead

Learn how global healthcare company Bristol-Myers Squibb focused on what matters to patients and key audiences in social media to create meaningful experiences.

Johnson & Johnson

Devon Eyer, Workforce Engagement and Advocacy Leader

Learn how Johnson & Johnson designed and launched a channel and content strategy to change the way they engage with employees.


Frank Hwang, Senior Manager of Digital and Paid Media

Learn how Timberland engaged with fans using UGC to drive a 360-campaign around its heritage product, while also engaging consumers with its new product lines.


Reagan Freyer, Head of Global Social Media

Learn how Logitech is managing a global social media presence.

Red Lobster

Carl Allen, Brand Manager – Digital Marketing

Learn how Red Lobster partnered with Deadliest Catch to promote their quality sourcing message in social media during Crabfest.


Lisa Anderson, Director of Social Business

Learn how Southwest Airlines used social media during a system-wide outage and four days of recovery. (This was a members-only, confidential presentation.)


Doug Busk, Group Director Digital Communications and Social Media

Learn how The Coca-Cola Company determines when to stay silent in social media. (This was a members-only, confidential presentation and therefore was not recorded.)