Member Meeting 37
October 28-29, 2015

October 28
Case Studies

To kick off Member Meeting 37, we featured eight 20-minute, TED-style presentations on corporate social media in one fast afternoon. We had two simultaneous tracks where members took the stage to show us behind the scenes of their social media programs.



Laura Bretz, Social Media Project Manager

Learn how Discover Financial Services made BtoB fresh, fun, and sociable.


Alexandra Kogan, Senior Officer of Social Media

Learn how Amtrak uses Instagram to leverage influencers and tell stories.


Jon Stern, Director of Media Relations/Investor Relations

Learn how MillerCoors used “Face, Place & Story” to enhance their company narratives in social media.


Matthew Tennant, Global Social Director, and Lizzie Roscoe, Global Social Operations Manager, Global Digital

Learn how McDonald’s is globalizing social media at scale.

Premier Farnell

Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community and Social Media

Learn how Premier Farnell’s element14 brand uses community and social media to launch new products and inspire innovation with engineers across the globe.


Lynde O’Brien, Senior Director of Digital Communications

Learn how Blue Cross and Blue Shield is using social media to measurably support business priorities.


Molly James-Lundak, Senior Director of Corporate Digital Marketing

Learn how AbbVie took a week of “good works” to the globe by engaging employees, partners, and media in telling their corporate responsibility story.


Jessica Mack, Senior Social Media Manager

Learn how Otter Products’ LifeProof brand empowered influencers to make a video series and tell their story in social media.