Member Meeting 32
July 15-16, 2014

Focus on: Integrating social into the enterprise

What the meeting was like

The 32nd Member Meeting in Chicago was a full (and flavorful) meeting! We gathered as individual Councils for an intense day of in-depth conversations, meaningful connections, and a surprise chocolate tasting.

We started the conversations by exploring how integrated social is within each brand. We talked through many challenges and opportunities related to this topic. Best practices were shared, including innovative ways to align strategies across departments, building strong corporate policies to encourage engagement, importance of mid-level director support, and what tools work best for sharing enterprise level metrics. The group also walked through ways brands are training and educating other departments for social efforts. Many brands are implementing social media “councils” to oversee social efforts, employee training sessions, and utilizing subject matter experts to educate across the enterprise. As a group we also identified that autonomy and accessible education materials are an important part of integration, while the need for managing sprawl grows as social spreads across the enterprise. We agreed that it’s not just about sharing the rules of social, but more about giving employees the tools for success. We rounded out the morning conversation by focusing on how integration works with specific departments.

Each Member Meeting features an afternoon of unconferences — intense small group discussions where the topics are chosen by attendees in the room. Members attending this Chicago meeting were privy to fascinating conversations on subjects like structuring and sourcing the social team, defining success for internal social media, social on a global scale, BtoB social strategy, integrating social into CRM systems, utilizing social listening tools, connecting media and social, and many more.

The day ended with a fun and inspirational private discussion with the founder of world-renowned Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Katrina Markoff. Katrina showed us how she infuses storytelling and sensory experience in each thoughtfully crafted piece of chocolate — a process that has redefined the luxury chocolate category. She challenged members to become storytellers using her four-step process: fall in love, get inspired, take action, and create an experience. And of course, she ended the session with a delicious chocolate tasting and food pairing.

Our guest speaker: Katrina Markoff

Katrina Markoff

Katrina Markoff, owner and founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, joined us for a private, informal chat to close our Member Meeting.

Katrina founded Vosges in 1998. Vosges is based upon the concept of “Travel the World through Chocolate” — using chocolate as a medium to tell stories of her travels and the people, artists, movements, religions, music, and culture she encountered along the way.

We talked chocolate, creativity, and entrepreneurship as we winded down an intense day of collaboration.