Member Meeting 31
April 2-3, 2014
New York

Focus on: Metrics and ROI

Featuring pre-conference case studies from:

Johnson & Johnson

Devon Eyer, Director, Corporate Social Media

Learn how Johnson & Johnson is building an insights-driven social strategy.


Rich Narasaki, Global Manager, Digital Strategy

From light bulbs to gas turbines, learn how GE uses social media to generate sales in the least expected industries.

TD Ameritrade

Sunayna Tuteja, Director of Social Media & Online Communities

Learn how TD Ameritrade gives their employees ownership in social media.

Life Time Fitness

Tony Saucier, Director, Social Media

Learn how Life Time Fitness empowered team members in the clubs to supercharge social engagement.


Carrie Woodward, Digital Consumer Experience Manager

Learn how Michelin North America took fans of the brand and created a new level of ambassadors.


Melissa Mackey, Associate Director of Social Media Strategies

Learn how Novartis is innovating and incubating in a conservative corporate environment.

Thomson Reuters

Casey Hall, Senior Marketer

Learn how Thomson Reuters leverages internal thought leaders for their content strategy.


Joe Schaeffer, Social Media Program Manager

Learn how Paychex rallied internal employee participation to anchor the promotion of an external company event.

What the meeting was like

Our 31st Member Meeting (and first meeting for the Purple Council!) was a tremendous success. Attendance was terrific, the conversations fascinating, and the sharing unlike anything else. Thank you to all who attended and helped make the day great.

The first half of the day was focused on the meeting theme, metrics and ROI. We talked through a myriad of challenges — and suggestions — on this topic. We shared the key metrics we analyze including acquisition, engagement, conversation, share of voice, and blog traffic. As a group we identified that storytelling with your data is more important than sharing numbers. Many brands are using visual scorecards or dashboards to showcase specific social conversations. The conversation then shifted to discussing the specific tools we use to measure engagement and sentiment and how we are reporting their findings. We rounded out the morning with small group discussions that allowed us to dive deeper into topics like specialty measurements, making data actionable, and measuring the conversion and sales funnel.

Each Member Meeting features an afternoon of unconferences — small group discussions where the topics are chosen by attendees in the room. Members attending this New York meeting were privy to fascinating conversations on subjects like Instagram, integrating social and CRM, listening strategies, content management systems, LinkedIn, influencer programs, and social customer service.

The day ended with a lively, energetic, and uncensored private discussion with the well-known entrepreneur, social media innovator, and author, Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary shared the history of his professional success and his key lessons for today’s big brands. Among those were to market in the year we actually live in, care more about the context than the content, and not be romantic about business. He underscored the importance of brands focusing on the depth of their reach, not just the width. Gary challenged members to truly bring value to their customers in new and unusual ways.

Our guest speaker: Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuk is a well-known entrepreneur, social media innovator, and author of The Thank You Economy, Crush It!, and his latest, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. He’s well known for launching and for engaging video blogs that brought a new voice to the world of wine tasting — and new customers to his ecommerce site.

As co-founder of VaynerMedia, he helps big brands find their social voices and build their digital brands.

Gary talked with us about how brands can find their stories and effectively share them using social media.