Member Meeting 30
February 19–20, 2014

Focus on: Engaging your audience

Featuring pre-conference case studies from:

Southwest Airlines

Christi McNeill, Project Lead, Social Business & Listening

Learn how Southwest Airlines is using social media to surprise and delight their customers.

Conoco Phillips

Cathy Cram, Manager, Strategic Issues and Initiatives

Learn how ConocoPhillips is integrating social media into their crisis readiness plan.

BMC Software

Eric T. Tung, Social Media Manager

Learn how BMC Software cultivates its influencer communities to help them sell more and faster.


Kate Alini, Social Media & Emerging Technologies Manager

Learn how BMW of North America engages and rewards fans through Ultimate experiences.

United Health Group

Rachel Medina, Senior Communications Specialist

Learn how UnitedHealth Group is using social media to manage customer service in a highly regulated industry.


Cosmin Ghiurau, Director of Social Media Marketing

Learn about RadioShack’s Super Bowl 2014 strategy that resulted in their successful social media ad campaign.


Julie Finlay, Director, Social Communities & Advocacy

Learn how USAA launched and is using a social command center to promote social education among employees.


Lee Diaz, Senior Manager, Emerging Communications

Learn how AT&T activated employees as advocates through the launch of the AT&T Tribe program and its social hub.

What the meeting was like

For our first event of 2014, we blended all four Councils across a couple of meeting rooms for some deep conversations and in-depth networking.

Our morning discussion centered on engaging your audience. We discussed the specifics of how this diverse group of brands defined engagement. We also covered how to measure engagement and the metrics and formulas that matter most. The discussions continued in smaller groups, and we dove deep into engagement for B2B brands, internal engagement strategies with employees, and the evolution of content and engagement.

In the afternoon, our unconferences allowed members to set the agenda. We had 16 small group, peer-to-peer discussions covering everything that impacts a corporate social media executive: Reddit, developing a social media center of excellence, scaling for globalization, measuring sentiment, debunking social myths, and much more.

We ended the day with a truly special, private discussion with the original Dell social media team: Richard Binhammer, Lionel Menchaca, John Pope, Caroline Dietz Conway, Bruce Eric Anderson, and Bob Pearson. For the first time as a group, they spoke about their experiences at Dell during the “Dell Hell” days and how internal and external collaboration paved the way for the rest of us. It was a thrill to honor them and celebrate the origins of corporate social media.

Our guest speakers

The Creation of Corporate Social Media — featuring the original Dell social media team: Richard Binhammer, Lionel Menchaca, John Pope, Caroline Dietz Conway, Bruce Eric Anderson, and Bob Pearson.


For our 30th (!) Member Meeting, we invited the team that launched Dell’s original social media program.

Their work is considered to be the birth of corporate social media and the creation of the profession that we’re all privileged to share. Much of our established best practices were invented by this team. (It’s also where got its start.)

It all began back in 2005 with the response to the famous Jeff Jarvis “Dell Hell” posts. As of January 2014, the last of this pioneering team has left Dell, ending a 10-year era.

We were excited to invite them in for a candid conversation and Q&A as we honored their pioneering work and celebrated the origin of what we all do for a living.