Member Meeting 23
September 12-13, 2012
New York

Focus on: Risk management and social media

Featuring pre-conference case studies from:

Best Buy

Jamie Plesser, Marketing Director of Social Media & Engagement

Hear the insights and the approach Best Buy used to bring their loyalty program into the social era.


Jon Lombardo, Leader of Social Media COE

Learn how GE builds and extends emotional connections with consumers around health.

Dow Chemical

Abby Klanecky, Director of Digital & Social Media

Learn how The Dow Chemical Company is empowering their scientists to be their storytellers.

Food Network

Kate Gold, Director of Social Media, and Sarah De Heer, Editor

Learn how Food Network launched and sustains its #PullUpAChair campaign to engage fans.


Leigh Acton, Social Media Manager, and Robert Jacobs, Senior Manager of Global Digital Strategy & Activation

Learn how Avon is building advocates through shared social media applications.


Ken Bott, Senior Director of Direct to Consumer Marketing, and Dan Holm, Consumer Engagement Manager

Learn how Outback Steakhouse is using the voices of a few to reach the minds of many.


Lucas Mast, Senior Business Leader, Global Corporate Social Media

Learn how Visa incorporated social media into a major event sponsorship — the 2012 Olympics.


Patrick Durando, Senior Director, Global New Media

Learn how McGraw-Hill uses social media to connect 26,000 employees.

What the meeting was like

We met in New York City on September 13 at the New York Academy of Medicine for a day of in-depth conversations, learning, and collaboration. We had over 120 representatives from nearly 100 billion-dollar brands join us for the private meeting. During the morning conversation we focused on risk management and social media. We covered topics like how to identify risk, gauge the appropriate response, and train employees.

In the afternoon, members participated in small group discussions about topics they’d chosen. These unconferences focused on subjects like working with influencers, ROI, staffing, customer service, and the future of social media.

To close the day, Chris Anderson, the curator of TED conferences, joined us an exclusive conversation. He challenged us to think about the power of an idea — something which we can give away, yet still possess. Chris answered our questions about how TED broke barriers, what kind of marketing went into the effort, and how live events and human interaction is an essential part of a social strategy.

Our guest speaker: Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson, the curator of the TED Conference, joined us for an exclusive conversation to wrap up our Member Meeting in New York. This was a unique chance to talk with the guy who oversees all things TED.

Since acquiring the TED Conference in 2001, Chris has overseen the launch of the TEDx events, the TED Prize, and the TED Fellows Program. During this time, more than 1,000 TED talks have been released (free!) online across the world. Chances are, you’ve seen one or more of them — these videos have been viewed more than 800 million times, which may make this campaign the most viral ever.

We couldn’t have been prouder to sit down with the guy known for providing a forum for “Ideas Worth Sharing.” From finding great content to rallying a community, we got to chat with one of the world’s leaders in making a difference.