Member Meeting 21
May 9, 2012

Focus on: Dealing with vendors and agencies

What the meeting was like

We gathered in Austin for a special all-Councils Member Meeting on May 9. Nearly 50 people from 30 big brands came to talk about “dealing with agencies and vendors.” The morning conversation was riveting as we learned and shared what should and shouldn’t be outsourced, how to work effectively with multiple agencies, and what criteria should be used to pick an agency.

The afternoon was dedicated to unconferences — small group discussions, led by members, about the topics most important to them. The conversations ranged from influencers, internal communications, measurement, and best practices for key social media platforms.

At the end of the day, advertising and media critic Bob Garfield talked with the group about the battle to find authenticity in a time when many companies are looking simply to spread the company line.

Our guest speaker: Bob Garfield

Bob Garfield is a media renaissance man: columnist (for Ad Age), co-host (of NPR’s “On the Media”), author (of The Chaos Scenario, And Now a Few Words From Me), and critic (nearly anywhere people will listen).

With very distinct views on marketing and advertising, Bob is keenly aware of the effect social media has on our daily lives, and we got to pick the brain of one of the sharpest — and funniest — people you’ve ever meet. We were honored to have Bob join us for a private conversation to wrap up our Member Meeting.