Leadership Retreat Leadership Retreat

Austin, TX  /  October 24-25, 2017

Exclusively for Chairs

Leadership Retreat Agenda

Tuesday, October 24

8:30 AM Shuttle Leaves from Hotel
9:00 AM Breakfast and Conversations
10:00 AM Member-led Sessions
10:30 AM Break
10:40 AM Member-led Sessions
11:10 AM Break
11:20 AM Member-led Sessions
12:00 PM Community Lunch

We’ll continue the day with a big lunch together. It’s Austin, so it’ll be tasty — and there’ll be as much tofu as there is meat.

1:00 PM Guest speaker: Coming soon!
2:00 PM Break
2:10 PM Unconferences
2:40 PM Break
2:50 PM Unconferences
3:20 PM Big Break
3:50 PM Unconferences
4:20 PM Break
4:30 PM Unconferences
5:00 PM The Big BBQ

After our sessions, we’ll end with a great meal together with social activities. We’ll continue our conversations from the afternoon, and you’ll compare notes and build relationships with your fellow social media leaders.

8:00 PM Shuttle Back to Hotel

We’ll bus everyone back to the hotel downtown where you’re welcome to continue socializing or head to the live music scene down the street.

Wednesday, October 25

7:30 AM Shuttle Leaves from Hotel
8:00 AM Breakfast and Conversations
9:00 AM Guest Speaker: Coming soon!
9:30 AM Break
9:40 AM Member-led Sessions
10:10 AM Big Break
10:40 AM Member-led Sessions
11:10 AM Break
11:20 AM Member-led Sessions
11:50 AM Community Lunch

We’ll break for lunch together to enjoy some great local food and then stretch our legs on a casual hike. We’ll keep the conversations going as we re-energize and explore.

1:00 PM Guest speaker: Coming soon!
1:30 PM Break
1:40 PM Unconferences
2:10 PM Big Break
2:40 PM Unconferences
3:10 PM Break
3:20 PM Unconferences
3:50 PM End of Sessions — Say Goodbye!

We’ll end right on time with shuttles to help you get to the airport.

4:00 PM Shuttles Back

We’ll have shuttles first taking members back to the Hilton Austin Downtown and to the airport, and then on to the post-event activities for those who are sticking around.

4:30 PM Post-Event Meetups (Optional)

We’re coordinating informal, optional post-event meetups if you’re planning on sticking around after the event. Details here.

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