Member Meetings are the best place to get honest, actionable advice on the toughest challenges you’re facing.

You’ll talk about the critical issues you can’t talk about anywhere else, because everything is 100% confidential and you choose the topics. Meetings are exclusively for social media leaders (no vendors, no selling), so everyone in the room understands your challenges and has answers.

You’ll leave inspired, energized, and better prepared to lead your social media program.

Don’t expect a typical conference. These are completely different.

We don’t do conferences. There’s no passive listening to vendors and speakers. There are no sponsors, no vendors, no agencies, and no selling. We do conversations, where you’re in control and everyone shares.

What to expect:

  • Better answers, because the people in the room have solved your problems.
  • Conversations that you choose, not canned presentations you can get anywhere.
  • Issues you can’t discuss anywhere else, because everything is 100% confidential and vendor-free).

We have two big events each year, plus a handful of member-hosted regional meetings.

Our calendar is anchored by our two big meetings — the Summer Summit and the Winter Summit. Plus, we have smaller regional events hosted at our member headquarters.

We recommend all members get to at least one of the big meetings each year. If you’re not getting to a meeting, you’re not getting the full membership experience.

Upcoming meetings:


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More than 900 brands have attended a meeting.


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How members describe the meeting experience:

Dan Phelps

“Your first Member Meeting will likely redefine how you spend time out of the office at conferences or seminars. I have written full strategic and tactical plans coming out of these meetings. My entire annual conference budget is dedicated to meetings for two reasons: They are absolutely fun with great venues, food, and (now) friends, and because I take away more actionable information in eight hours than I could at any other “major” conference. You can always find a TED or SXSW talk on YouTube. You will not get the same opportunity with so many large brands unless you are in the room.”

Dan Phelps, Wells Fargo

Eric Vaughn

“I truly believe the Member Meeting was the most valuable conference I have ever attended!”

Eric Vaughn, MGM Resorts International

Rob Wolf

“In a time of tight schedules and travel budgets, meetings are always time and money well spent. They’re all signal, no noise.”

Rob Wolf, Microsoft

Kevin Thomas

“This was my first Member Meeting, and my head is still spinning from all the information shared. This gives us a boost in the right direction about what to do next.”

Kevin Thomas, Robert Bosch

Jennifer Palmer

“I thoroughly enjoyed the past two days. I’m so energized and inspired for the future.”

Jennifer Palmer, Mohawk Industries

Sumer Gregg

“It was like hitting the refresh button on the professional portion of my soul.”

Sumer Gregg, Xerox

David Werner

“I got more out of the meetings than I thought — and I had a high expectation going in!”

David Werner, U.S. Navy

Jennifer Chulski

“I learned more in that meeting and found it more valuable than any kind of day conference that I’ve gone to.”

Jennifer Chulski, ComEd

Lindsay Listanski

“ holds the most thoughtful conferences and ensures that every moment spent at the event is comfortable and packed with amazing information.”

Lindsay Listanski, Coldwell Banker Real Estate