Understanding the Jobs on the Community Team

There are two Community Manager roles on our Community Team: Council Managers (CM) and Membership Managers (MM).

Read this to learn about each role and the skills required. If you’d like to apply, go to socialmedia.org/jobs to find detailed descriptions of each position.

Council Managers

Council Managers own the content and conversations for a Council. They’re the theater directors and the radio hosts who develop deep relationships with our members and makes sure they’re having amazing conversations with each other.

A Council Manager does three primary things:

  • They build relationships with members to get them active and participating.
  • They moderate member discussions by leading Member Meetings, planning content for and hosting the Council Calls, and encouraging email discussions.
  • They participate in the key member lifecycle moments of screening new members, welcoming them into the community, supporting them through their renewal process.

Membership Managers

Membership Managers own the process and service functions that keep our communities healthy and our members happy. They’re the stage managers and the radio producers who deliver service and experiences that make membership painless and fun.

A Membership Manager does four primary things:

  • They know the health and metrics of every member by tracking participation and monitoring roster depth.
  • They manage and coordinate the member lifecycle events like onboarding, billing, renewals, and roster changes.
  • They provide above-and-beyond customer service when members have questions or need help.
  • They handle day-to-day communication around event outreach, fulfillment, and other service-related correspondence.

Two great jobs for different personalities.

Here’s a summary of the two roles on the Community Team:


Jobs Council Manager Membership Manager
What you’ll do Encourage conversations and relationships. Take care of our members.
What it means Run a Council, moderate conversations, introduce discussion topics, and build deep member connections. Provide high-touch service and support through our processes to deliver extraordinary member experiences.
You’ll like this if you like… Leading a group, encouraging participation, and building relationships. Thrilling people with great service and taking care of the smallest of details.
Specific skills Community leadership, facilitation, and topic knowledge. Customer care and attention to detail.

The essential skills.

Each role requires its own specific skills, but everyone needs these basics to succeed here:

  • Know the topic: Really love talking about social media as it’s used by big companies.
  • Know the people: Understand, relate to, and talk to big brand executives.
  • Networking: Meet new people and get to know them.
  • Build relationships: Make friends and build long-term relationships.
  • Communicate: Be a great phone, email, and social media conversationalist
  • Write: Stellar writing in a business-casual voice.
  • Execute: Love processes, details, and databases because they enable excellent personal service.
  • Care: Believe in a cause and convincingly share your passions for it.

You can find much more detail on these roles in their full job listings at socialmedia.org/jobs.