Sarah Clevenger

Sarah Clevenger of Baptist Health on content strategy and patient stories

Not many social media leaders have a Bachelors in Visual Communications Design.

There's so much you can do in the healthcare realm of social media that hasn't been done yet.

Sarah Clevenger does. And right out of college, she used it as a graphic designer for YMCA Fort Wayne and built them a Twitter account and Facebook page before Facebook had business pages.

That helped her land a job at the YMCA in Louisville where they had a job opening for a Director of Communications and Social Media. From there, she joined Baptist Health Louisville.

“I'd always loved healthcare because I always thought it was interesting. There's so much you can do in the healthcare realm of social media that hasn't been done yet.”

Now, she says her graphic design experienced has helped her in her current role as the Social Media Manager at the systems level. For example, “When I'm working with an agency to run ads, I know exactly how I want them to look,” she says.

At Baptist Health Kentucky, she leads social strategy for their eight hospitals and all of their system channels.

She's a part of a team made up of nine people split into specialties like web, SEO, CRM, and social, with Sarah as a team of one in digital.

Each hospital has two or three marketers in the hospital posting content like classes, events, and photos from what's happening on the ground. Sarah leads the strategy for evergreen content and planning the editorial calendar month-to-month for the year.

She monitors how content is performing, patient engagement, and upcoming content trends, but she also sets the strategy for each channel. “For example, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are great for our evergreen content. But with Instagram, since it's a storytelling, visual platform, we wanted to focus on what the hospitals are doing and tell their stories through our system Instagram.”

In terms of social media guidelines, each hospital is empowered to make their own decisions for the most part. Sarah says she encourages each hospital to post a few times a week and to come to her with questions, but that she trusts their judgment as an experienced group of marketers.

She says keeping everything fresh and new can be a challenge.

“Everyone is so busy, especially doctors. And while we've had a great response from doctors who want to be involved in things like our HealthTalks, trying to find the time to schedule out things weeks and months ahead can be difficult.”

Recently, her team has been preparing to launch one of their first integrated campaigns focused on patient stories. She explains it will focus more on the emotional side of the journey and less on the medical side. “It's more about the patient's point of view and the care they receive from us,” Sarah says.

They're creating video collateral, collecting quotes for Pinterest, and writing long-form stories for the blog.

Sarah hearing feedback from patients is what she enjoys most about her job.

“I love seeing the reach and impressions and our engagement rates, but when someone willingly shares how much you helped their family, that makes me feel good about where I work and what I do.”

Sarah's been a member of Health since 2016. Find her on Twitter.