Member Meeting All Star, Kristen Holland Shear from UT Southwestern Medical Center, celebrates attending six Health meetings

Ahead of our 10th Health Member Meeting, we're going to be spotlighting our top Member Meeting All Stars — members who've attended the most Member Meetings during their time in the community.

This week, we chatted with UT Southwestern Medical Center's Director of Digital and Social Media, Kristen Holland Shear, about her experience attending six Health Member Meetings over the past few years — plus what keeps her coming back.

How would you describe your first Health Member Meeting?

It was like a family reunion where you know no one and everyone at the same time. It was the first time I'd ever been in a room where everyone knew what I was talking about and was eager to both listen and help me strategize ways to improve.

What are some of the biggest insights or “aha” moments you've taken away from Member Meetings and applied to your program?

Vary your post lengths on all platforms, including Facebook. We've since tried longer posts and have had tremendous success when the stories are strong and drive an emotional response.

I came away from one meeting with multiple ideas about how to best find and share user-generated content. We've since incorporated more UGC into our strategy. It saves time and drives engagement.

What are some of your favorite activities or memories from past Member Meetings?

Touring Johns Hopkins was truly amazing. Other than that, ALL the meals have been spectacular. It'll be a long time before I forget about riding the funky bus to dinner [at Member Meeting 7 in Portland, OR]!

Why do you make attending Member Meetings a priority?

It's the one place where I can meet and brainstorm with peers who are facing similar challenges and return to work with multiple workable solutions.

What advice would you give to someone going to their first Member Meeting?

Bring ideas for the unconference sessions. Ask questions. Most importantly, have real conversations with members. Get to know them as people as well as peers you can reach out to for help.

Meet members like Kristen at Member Meeting 10 at UC Davis Health in Sacramento, October 15-16! Health's 10th Member Meeting is coming up October 15-16, and it's going to be one of our best meetings yet — in large part to amazing social media leaders like Kristen who not only bring incredible experience and insight to the conversations we have there, but warmth, generosity, and a healthy dose of fun.

We're so grateful for our All Stars and all our members who continue to make every meeting so special and unbelievably valuable. They're the reason this community has been thriving for over three years, and we can't wait for what's next.

Learn more about Member Meeting 10 here:

Kristen Holland Shear has been a member of Health since 2016. You can follow her on LinkedIn.