Member Offsite

At the Virtual Ranch • September 14-15, 2020

Members only. Confidential. Vendor free.

Experience more Show & Tell talks than ever before — plus, lots of bonding and support with your fellow social media leaders.

What to expect from the Member Offsite

1. People like you

Confidential. Members only. Absolutely no vendors, sponsors, salespeople, or anyone who isn’t leading social media at a major hospital.

This will be the space for you to work through challenges, share successes, commiserate with, and help your fellow social media leaders.

2. Nowhere-else conversations

We’ll talk about the issues you can’t talk about anywhere else: management issues, vendors, crisis response, and leadership strategies.

You’ll have nowhere-else conversations with your peers — who will share the behind-the-scenes stories of what they’ve been working on.

3. Community support

We created this Offsite to give you the support you need. It’s been a hard year leading social media. The work you’ve done is incredible.

Now it’s time to come together for conversations, support, and celebration with the only people who really understand what you’ve accomplished.

Take this time for yourself

Show & Tell

Plan your days like you’ll be at the Virtual Ranch. Everyone will set their out of offices and tell their coworkers, families, and pets they’ll be unavailable.

This is the time for you to focus on getting the answers you need and benchmark with your fellow members — you need this.

It’s all about Show & Tell

More members than ever will be stepping up to share an inside look at what they’re working on, what they’re struggling with, and their big wins from these last few months.

After each presentation, we’ll ask questions, share insights, and learn together.

These conversations will be on timely, relevant topics chosen by your fellow members. You can’t have these kinds of conversations anywhere else.

We’ll have plenty of community time

We’ll have member-hosted campfire discussions where you’ll bond with your fellow members through informal, personal conversations as well as strategy discussions on what we learned that day. Some groups will be talking about leadership issues, others will be having a whiskey tasting (and some will be doing both).

We’ll come together as a community and connect with people who get you — while avoiding Zoom fatigue.