Member Offsite

At the Virtual Ranch • September 14-15, 2020

Members only. Confidential. Vendor free.

The private meeting exclusively for social media leaders at major hospitals — featuring nowhere-else conversations with your fellow members and (much needed) community support.

  • People like you.
  • Nowhere-else conversations.
  • Community support.

It’s been a really hard, really weird year of leading social media at a major hospital.

The work you’ve done is incredible. You deserve an offsite.(Whatever “offsite” means when you’re always out of the office these days. For us, it means a focused get-together with people like you, without the distractions of everyday work.)

It’s time for some commiseratin’ and celebratin’ with your Health family. Join us at our virtual ranch for some leadership storytelling.

The three big reasons we’re getting together:

  1. For leaders like you: There are a zillion virtual events out there, but we need something that’s just for us — without all the vendors, outsiders, and noise.

  2. For the challenges you’re facing: You have a weird job — and you need time with people like you right now. We’ll talk about the issues you can’t talk about anywhere else: management issues, vendors, crisis response, and leadership strategies.

  3. For community: Come together for conversations, support, and celebration with the only people who really understand what you’ve accomplished — people like you, with jobs like yours, at hospitals like yours (and problems like yours).

  4. We’re on a wild and unpredictable ride. Nobody knows what’s coming next, but this community will always be here for you.

    Join us for a few hours to build connections with fellow leaders who are here to help.