The Membership Experience

Senior leaders, no vendors, and everything’s confidential.

Every hospital and every individual must meet our rigorous membership criteria.

Really. No exceptions.

This is a community for people like you, with jobs like yours, at hospitals like yours — and problems like yours. Members lead social media programs at major hospitals. No vendors and nobody junior.

All members are leaders — they’re senior decision-makers with substantial professional experience. All member hospitals are larger than $250M revenue, have active programs, and are based in the US and Canada.

We wouldn’t be here for more than a decade if we made exceptions to our rigorous membership criteria.

No vendors and no selling.

As a member, you will never get a sales pitch for anything, ever. There are no exceptions. Vendors or people with a conflict of interest are not allowed to participate. We don’t allow sponsors, marketing agreements, or partnerships that give vendors access to you. If a member company becomes a vendor, they have to leave. is a sales-free environment. You’ll feel the difference from the moment you join.

In our community, you’ll never have to question the motives behind the advice you’re getting, you’ll never have to filter what you say fearing a vendor is listening, and nobody will ever try to sell you anything.

Everything is confidential.

Our confidentiality rules are strictly enforced. That means members can share openly, knowing their conversations are completely private. The result is unfiltered, unbiased, straightforward answers — conversations you can’t have anywhere else.

Every member must sign a confidentiality contract before taking part in activities. Every company also signs a contract agreeing to the confidentiality rules.

Members who violate the confidentiality contract are removed from the group, and their company’s membership will be cancelled without refund.

This is all we do.

We’re 100% committed to creating an incredible community for you. That’s why our members are still with us, year after year.

Delivering amazing member experiences is our one and only job.

Our team of community managers are experts at what they do. All of our staff are full-time, trained professionals who exclusively work on this community. They wake up and go to bed each day thinking about how to help you.

We don’t sell anything else. It keeps us accountable to you.

This community is not a gateway to upsell you reports, consulting, sponsorships, or events. We thrill you with the membership experience — it’s how we earn a living.