Helpful Tools and Guides for Unofficial Unconference Hosts

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in hosting an Unofficial Unconference.

These resources are here to help you put on a great meeting. Of course, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask our team — we’re here to help!

Hosting and Conversation Guides

Conversation Supplies

Here are templates in case you want to create your own supplies:


Here are templates to print your own handouts:

Additional Supplies

Other helpful supplies you might want handy:

  • Easels in the corners of the room, with pads and markers
  • Extra tape or push pins for unconference topic ideas
  • Three 24″x36″ picture frames for the unconference posters (or you can just tape them to the wall)
  • A table for the unconference boards, idea pads, and pens
  • A prominent clock
  • Chocolate