Welcome Session — Live from Member Meeting 30

Coverage of this session by Evan Perkins of SocialMedia.org. Connect with him by following him on Twitter.

1:00 — SocialMedia.org's Kurt Vanderah and Andy Sernovitz kick off BlogWell: How Big Brands Use Social Media.

1:01 — Kurt: Everyone get ready to learn a ton. This is our 27th BlogWell event, and we'll leave here with heads full of information!

1:02 — Kurt: We will pack a lot into the afternoon. We'd love for you to share, tweet, blog, etc. all of your experiences from today. Share everything and anything you think is worthwhile. Please use #BlogWell when sharing!

1:03 — Kurt: You've got your packet complete with agenda, name badge, a pen, and an emergency chocolate bar!

1:04 — This BlogWell event is a bit different. This is the first one that is sponsor-free, vendor-free — no open invitations. This event is by us and for us, and moving forward they will always be vendor-free events. This is your space, and everyone in the room runs social at a major brand.

1:05 — SocialMedia.org is the community for social media leaders at the world's biggest brands. We've got 327 members, and our community works because our members generously share, in real-time, with real people, on how to best lead social strategy.

1:06 — We don't have the social media 101 conversations, we talk on an executive-strategy level.

1:07 — Our members will meet tomorrow at our Member Meeting, and they will discuss the issues most important to them.

1:08 — SocialMedia.org will host our Brands-Only Summit on October 27th-29th in Orlando, FL. Check out http://www.socialmedia.org/summit for more details.

1:09 —  All of our presenters at BlogWell are members of SocialMedia.org. Thank you to all of our speakers for making the time and effort to share.

1:10 — Kurt: We have two tracks running at a time, and will have a eight case studies all together. AT&T will start in Track 1 with and Southwest Airlines will present about surprising and delighting their fans on Valentine's Day in Track 2.

1:11 — The presentations are 20 minutes long with five minutes available for Q&A.

1:12 — UnitedHealth will talk about social media customer service in a regulated industry in Track 1, and in Track 2 BMC Software will discuss what cultivates its influencer communities.

1:13 — BMW will talk about two programs they used to connect and engage customers in Track 1, and in Track 2 USAA will talk about implementing a social command center.

1:14 — In Track 1, RadioShack will be talking about their 2014 Super Bowl strategy, while Kathy from ConocoPhillips will discuss social and crisis readiness in Track 2.

1:15 — We will end right at 5 PM with full heads and figuring out how to keep all the great information in. Members ought to hang on to their name badges because they will need them for our Member Meeting tomorrow.

1:16 — Kurt introduces Andy Sernovitz, the CEO of SocialMedia.org, to explain why we're all here.

1:17 — Andy: It doesn't take long to realize that this is not a normal job — you are holding on to something special. Social media changes the world, it helps people connect with family and friends, and it helps companies be more human.

1:18 — Leading social media is a big obligation, it's not just a job. We're held to a higher standard than other executives, and this is highlighted by three obligations.

  1. We need to listen and advocate to the folks who are trying to talk to our company.
  2. I'm going to help my company win by showing them how to use social to truly engage.
  3. Protect the medium.

1:19 — We are part of a new profession, and we will figure this out together! We're on a journey together, and we will share and move forward together.

1:20 — Andy: Welcome to BlogWell, we're glad you're here!