Jessica Gonzalez

Verisk Analytics’ Jessica Gonzalez on her career in BtoB social media

“Social media is definitely not easy in the BtoB world,” says Jessica Gonzalez.

Jessica is a Social Media Lead at Verisk Analytics, and she got her start in social at Xerox and Pitney Bowes. After an internship with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, she discovered she was more interested in marketing and joined Xerox's newly formed social media team at a time when they were first ramping up their efforts.

Like many members, she says, social media was “kind of thrown at me.”

At Xerox, she served as the Facebook Community Manager for 27 regions and lines of business, managed paid ad campaigns and Xerox's corporate YouTube channel, and managed Yammer, an internal social media tool. Meanwhile, Xerox was in the middle of their major rebranding effort that was largely led by content strategy.

At Pitney Bowes, Jessica got to see a different side of the BtoB industry overall, focusing on software development. She managed fan acquisition programs on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and helped launch a brand employee advocacy pilot program.

“At Verisk Analytics, engaging with our customers is one of our primary goals.”

With so many different business units and highly technical products, she relies on each business unit's marketing departments and business leads — people who are closer to the customer. “It helps to be in social media where you're in constant conversations with the people who are connecting with us and want to find out more about us,” Jessica says.

With multiple business units under the company umbrella, each business unit has their own marketing focus, messaging, and strategy.

“In the BtoB world, you're at a 1,000-foot-level view of the customer, but at the end of the day, we're still selling to people.”

Jessica works closely with the design team, web team, and manager of branding for campaigns like the one they did for this year's Innovation Day. Jessica gathered facts from across the company and tweeted out animated gifs like the one below.


She also supports initiatives to get Verisk Analytics' executives on social media, like helping their CEO, CMO, and COO with LinkedIn.

This year, she helped launch an employee advocacy program for LinkedIn Elevate with a small pilot of 50 employees engaging with content and sharing from their external social media accounts. Jessica says so far, it's working very well and will continue to grow as they get more executives involved.

“If you’re not in one of the three vertical markets we serve, you may not recognize us. I want to leverage social media, find those golden nuggets, and showcase them so people will get to know who we are.”

Jessica's been a member of since 2016. Follow her on Twitter here.