The Shortlist: RE/MAX, Nike, United Airlines, and more

RE/MAX Senior Social Media Manager Kayla Roofe gave an inside look into how they successfully launched their CEO's social media channels. Blog >>

Autodesk Head of Content Distribution and Social Media Luke Kintigh, Bank of America Marketing Product Manager of Enterprise Social Media Ashley Volger, Hilton Senior Analyst Stephanie Arbetter, American Honda Motor Company Social Media Lead for Honda and Acura Melly Ramirez, Nike Community Managers Chad Finnesand and Carter Gossett, NVIDIA Social Media Marketing Analyst Jakob Zamora, Sony Interactive Entertainment Content Communications Manager Justin Massongill, Walt Disney Company Social Media Manager Matt Korn, Southwest Airlines Social Business Advisor John Young, T-Mobile Brand Social Manager Ryan Rimsnider, and Viacom Senior Social Media Manager Bianca Kea were among those spotlighted as the faces behind some of the most popular brand Twitter accounts. Adweek >>

Bernadette Fitzpatrick, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Benefit Cosmetics, discussed why they're shifting their marketing focus to macro-influencers and how they're executing their macro-influencer event, Beyond Benefit. Glossy >>

Mucinex promoted their new product, Mucinex Nightshift, with their second TikTok dance challenge #BeatTheZombieFunk, which generated over 560-million views. Mobile Marketer >>

Alyssa Bock was recently brought on as Digital Marketing Strategist for Nike's Air Jordan brand. LinkedIn >>

Mark Obee was hired as the Director of Now Community for ServiceNow. LinkedIn >>

Alli Kahle was recently promoted to Associate Director of Digital Communications at UnitedHealth Group. LinkedIn >>

United Airlines is hiring a Senior Program Manager for Social Media Insights and Analytics to build and lead a best-in-class social media analytics program. (Chicago, IL) United Careers >>

Corning Incorporated is looking for a Leader of Media and Influencer Engagement Programs to develop and execute an integrated, company-wide media and influencer engagement program in collaboration with their social media team. (Corning, NY) Corning Jobs >>

Herman Miller needs a Brand Social Media Marketing Manager to lead an integrated, multi-platform social media marketing strategy for their portfolio of brands. (Holland, MI) Herman Miller Careers >>