The Brands-Only Summit is now members-only. Here’s why.

Brands-Only SummitThe Brands-Only Summit is January 23-25th, and it's one of the biggest highlights of membership with It's fast-paced, high-energy, and you're surrounded by people who lead social media at big brands — people just like you.

This time, we're doubling down on that idea by making the Brands-Only Summit 100-percent members only.

Every single person in the room will have met our strict criteria (so you know they're really a social media leader), and they'll have signed our confidentiality agreement (so you know you can trust them and have truly open conversations).

Learn more and reserve your seat here:

The presentations are always amazing, but not because this is your typical, polished conference with professional speakers and fancy stage sets. This event is just as much about the conversations you'll have in the hallway.

We're a community — not an event company.

At this conference, you'll find that it's not about slick presentations. We're here to help you make incredible connections with people who know exactly what you're going through and can help you be an even better social media leader.

The Brands-Only Summit is one of the best and most overwhelming ways to experience those connections.

Looking forward to seeing all our members there!