Stacy Sayer

Stacey Sayer, Level 3 Communications Social Media Marketing Manager

For this member profile, we sat down with Stacey Sayer, Social Media Marketing Manager for Level 3 Communications. She's been a member of since 2012.

Remember when Facebook was just for colleges? (And only some colleges at that?) So does Stacey Sayer, Level 3 Communications' Social Media Marketing Manager. She says that just as Facebook was coming on the scene, she was graduating from the University of Colorado, which meant she just missed the boat.

It wasn't until 2006 that she transitioned from marketing in the non-profit world to mobile marketing. And with the release of the iPhone, she saw the industry take off.

“Those were really exciting times. I got to work with some of the brightest minds in marketing who essentially saw the future of media,” Stacey says.

When she joined global telecom company Level 3 Communications, she joined the digital team to create content and support social media part-time. That quickly turned into a full-time gig in social media.

Now, Stacey is essentially Level 3's social team of one.

She writes the content they post and manages their social presence. And while Level 3 utilizes both agency and in-house content creators, Stacey says she sees value in expanding internally.

“Nobody loves your brand like you do,” Stacey explains.

“An agency could certainly support expanding creative or analytics efforts. That may be an opportunity down the road, but in the near term, I'd like to expand in house with people who are entrenched in the brand.”

As the voice of Level 3 in social, Stacey has a lot of pressure to have a personality while staying true to the brand.

“To be able to hit a button and send a message out to a significant number of people very quickly is a tremendous amount of responsibility.”

“It's not always easy to find the balance between critical thinking and risk-taking. I think it's about maintaining a healthy balance of creativity and common sense,” Stacey says.

She says one of the biggest challenges for BtoBs in social media is a mindset shift.

As the lines blur between how BtoBs and BtoCs behave in social, BtoBs need to learn how to behave more like BtoCs. She says that like a lot of brands, Level 3 is taking a bigger interest in social listening and understanding what their audiences want.

People want to talk to human beings, not brands. I think that's a big opportunity. Social is exciting because it provides almost limitless creativity.”

For example, Level 3 recently joined Pinterest — a move that Stacey says has helped the telecom company expand creatively while creating new brand awareness opportunities.

“I would encourage BtoBs to think outside the box, and fundamentally, they need to understand that this is not a broadcast channel.”

According to Stacey, “What makes social so interesting is that it's definitely not one-way communication, and it's not even two-way communication — it's really three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten-way communication. There's a tremendous opportunity to have instantaneous conversations and feedback with several people. And that's both exciting and a little bit scary.

Say hi to Stacey on Twitter and ask about her cat “coworkers.”