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Would you believe we only have room for 22 more companies in

Crazy, huh? Eight years ago, we started with a dozen brands and one Council. Today we have five Councils and 378 members. We cap each Council at 80 members, and for the past few years we've said we'd limit the community to five Councils — which means we're almost at that 400 mark.

We know it might sound bizarre for a business to say we're going to stop taking new members, but those of us in the community management world know that bigger rarely means better. We know there's a natural “sweet spot” in size where it's easy to build meaningful relationships and get to know fellow members, while still having a wide range of perspectives and diverse conversations.


Beyond connections and conversations, there are other benefits to limiting size. Logistics get a lot harder as we get bigger — our meetings, for example, would have to move from intimate spaces to large convention centers. (If you were with us at Member Meeting 36, you saw the difference a venue can make.) The size limit also enables us to continue managing the community with a high staff-to-member ratio, like our full-time professional moderator for every 40 brands.

Member Meeting 35 in New York

And frankly, there just aren't a lot more brands out there who are right for this group anyway. We'll never add members just for the sake of growth. Instead of focusing on bigger, we'll focus on better.

It's an exciting time for all of us, and we wanted to share the good news. We're tracking the progress to 400 members here:

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