Rebecca Corwin

Rebecca Corwin, Associate Marketing Director of Digital at Helen of Troy

“My previous experience taught me to always have a measurable, achievable goal before you start.”

With a background in analytics, Helen of Troy's Rebecca Corwin says, “You can't just do social media just to do it.”

Rebecca joined this year, and she says one of the most important experiences she brings to her role is goal-setting.

“Before we take on any project, we go into it asking ourselves, ‘What are we trying to achieve, and what does success look like?'”

At Helen of Troy, she's taken on overseeing all of the digital efforts for their health and home division, Kaz.

And while you may not have heard of the division, you've heard of their products: Honeywell, Vicks, PUR, ZzzQuil, and Braun. As the Associate Marketing Director of Digital at Kaz, Rebecca's job includes three main pillars:

  1. User experience from an owned-channel perspective: At Kaz, that includes web as well as their social media profiles.
  2. Promotional and educational content: That means advertising, content calendars, web content, and any product-level content.
  3. Ecommerce retailers: Since they're primarily a manufacturer, Kaz mostly sells through retail. Here, Rebecca's team helps with curating reviews, sharing and responding to them, and being an active member of those conversations.

Rebecca leads a team of dedicated social media employees within her division.

Letting loose a little bit [in social media] is the hardest part for people to understand.

One specializes in ecommerce partnerships, another creates content, publishes it, and monitors response. One social media manager handles the day-to-day tactical aspects of search, social, and email. And a dedicated web developer as well as a team of freelance graphic designers help make it all work well and look good.

Other divisions of Helen of Troy, like Revlon, Dr Scholl's, and OXO housewares, operate somewhat separately and with much smaller teams. For example, OXO focuses on blogger outreach and Facebook with one dedicated specialist supported by a network of content providers. According to Rebecca, that takes a lot of agency support to help fill in the gaps.

To stay on the same page, they hold a weekly team standup meeting.

For 15 minutes each week, they literally stand around a space in the office to let each other know what they need and talk about what's coming up next. In addition, their content team spends about two hours a day brainstorming ideas.

Then, once a month, their creative agency will hold meetings to catch up on bigger concepts and ideas to move the brand message further and keep it consistent.

And to get everyone else on the same page, Rebecca's team works hard to earn more buy-in for social internally.

“I think one of the biggest challenges I see on a brand level is that executives and legal feel that the persona on the package is the same persona you have to use in social media,” Rebecca says.

“Letting loose a little bit is the hardest part for people to understand.”

One way Rebecca's team is helping leadership loosen up is through off-site educational meetings.

Last year, they got the marketing department out of the office to let their agency share social media case studies from outside of their industry, hold panels, and lead some hands-on social media experiences.

For example, they staged a mock crisis event to help executives experience what it's like to come up with a communication plan and execute it in social media. Oh, and it had a theme: Mission Impossible.

At this year's offsite meeting, Rebecca hopes to get people up to speed on creating cohesive programs and seamless brand experiences. The theme (and one of our personal favorites): Superheroes.

Rebecca has been a member of since 2015. Catch her on Twitter here and ask about her brand new office digs.