Stories from the people leading social media at the world’s greatest brands.

The Shortlist: Pfizer, Macy’s, WeWork, and more

Chad Parizman, Head of Social Media and Digital Communications at Pfizer, celebrated attending 17 Member Meetings and shared what keeps him coming back. Blog >> Antoine Tyan, Associated Brand Director for P&G brand Pampers, discussed how they're using social media marketing to bolster their e-commerce goals. Gigabit Magazine >> Jack in the Box… Read More >

The Shortlist: Merck, Chipotle, Nike, and more

Merck and Pearson Education recently joined the community! Their memberships will be led by Director of Enterprise Social Media Heather McCarty and Social Media Manager Tristin Bates, respectively. Members >> Chipotle VP of Brand Marketing Stephanie Perdue gave an inside look into their TikTok strategy and how it's helping them engage with their… Read More >

The Shortlist: General Motors, Frito-Lay, Lenovo, and more

REV Group, Sam's Club, and General Motors recently joined the community! Their memberships will be led by Julie Nuernberg, Sabrina Callahan, and Stacy Vick, respectively. Members >> Last week, held its 49th Member Meeting in Philadelphia with 133 social media leaders from 92 brands talking about the things that are most important… Read More >

Highlights from Member Meeting 49 in Philadelphia

Last week we wrapped up our 49th Member Meeting in Philadelphia. 133 social media leaders from 92 brands got together to talk about the things that are most important to their work right now. We heard 10 Show & Tell presentations from fellow members, all senior social media leaders at big brands. They… Read More >

The Shortlist: Citrix, United, Estee Lauder, and more

Citrix's Manager of Social Community, Campaigns, and Content, Melissa Case, shared how she and her team use the company's annual Citrix Synergy event to shape their social media strategy and engage with their consumers. Blog >> Northwestern Mutual CMO Aditi Gokhale discussed how the brand's focus on women changed their media mix and how… Read More >

The Shortlist: Bank of the West, Workday, Amgen, and more

Rebecca Mulligan Santos shared how Bank of the West found success with an Instagram contest that engaged with their eco-conscious audience. Blog >> Workday recently joined the community! Their membership will be led by Director of Social Media Elizabeth Houston. Members >> Macy's launched an Instagram-friendly pop-up called "Story" in New York… Read More >

Rebecca Mulligan Santos shares how Bank of the West ran an Instagram contest to engage with their eco-conscious audience

As an organization, Bank of the West is prioritizing energy transition as the most immediate and important impact they can have on the future. According to Social Media Program Manager Rebecca Mulligan Santos, they’re making important decisions around their financing policies as part of their commitment to driving sustainable finance. It’s from that priority and… Read More >