Nichole Kelly: What you’re missing in social media measurement — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

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12:20 —'s Don Vanderslice introduces Social Media Explorer's Nichole Kelly.

12:21 — What's holding us back from measuring social media ROI? We have zoomed in way too far. We're using tools for reporting and talking in tongues? What is the value of a re-tweet? What tools should I use to measure ROI? CRM!

12:22 — Let's collect more and more data. It's not about how big your data is, it's how well you can use it. We're measuring impact from a single channel, but our customers live in an omni-channel world. They could touch our content 100 times before they convert. How do we measure impact in an omni-channel world? We measure up until they became a customer. How do we store full campaign history?

12:23 — Can we fix it? Yes! There are shortcuts. There is one key to measuring social media ROI. If we do enough crunches, we'll get rock hard abs.

12:24 — Isolating a particular muscle. We need to do the same thing with social. Isolate social users in the database. Conduct a data flow audit. Where does data flow, live, hide?

12:25 — Look at what paid advertising team is doing? What systems and processes are they using? How are they measuring and piggyback on that? Leverage existing systems.

12:27 — Link tagging is the #1 short cut. Source (SLC+channel promoted in), Medium (content type), Campaign (content title)

12:31 — Other sources: product, line of business, social account name, unique ID for status update, size and ad type if paid, organic or paid, department.

12:32 — Next do a gap analysis. Will the current process work for real-time link creation? Is there a need for operationalizing link tagging? How much content curation do you do? How many micro-sites and other company websites don't have primary web analytics code?

12:33 — What impact will it have? It changes everything. There are seven categories in the customer journey: awareness, engagement, consideration, acquisition, customer retention, advocacy, and loyalty

12:34 — For people on the links we share to our website, they visit 171% more often. Our social audience that engage with our links are loyal visitors to our blog.

12:35 — The numbers are even higher for curated content. We track if they come to Mashable and come back. We set up custom segments in Google analytics.

Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. -Albert Einstein

Q & A

Q: How do you get information from other business groups?

A: I go directly to the reporting team and ask them for what I want.

Q: What do you do when different teams don't want to play nice?

A: Inside organizations people play games and what they're running away from is accountability. Put everybody in a room. We're removing all the games. It's more of a cultural thing.