Natalie Williams: Measurement that matters — Live from the Brands-Only Summit

Coverage of this session by Dana Ryall of Connect with her by finding her on LinkedIn.

3:35 —'s Ashley Siemon introduces Nestle Purina PetCare's Natalie Williams.

3:36 — Natalie shares some key principles to keep measurement:

  • Effective – make sure that you can tack and achieve goals.
  • Actionable – optimize.
  • Honest – share true results with teams and leadership.

3:38 — Natalie: You are not in the business to make social look good. Realize it's okay to be different. Make proper tracking a priority. Build social for business, not for social itself. In order to measure the things that matter, do the right things from the start.

3:40 — Natalie: The goals of the platforms should not be yours. When we talk about user bases and engagements rates, those are not the things that are going to keep your company in business.

3:41 — Natalie: Cookie cutter dashboards and tools that are not customizable are not likely to be helping you at the end of the day.

3:43 — Natalie: A tool should be robust and customizable.

3:44 — Natalie: Between marketing and measurement, communication can break down. Ask: what is it that we can achieve here?

Business goal > bond strategy > marketing tactic > measurement

3:45 — Natalie shares a Purina example:  New consumers >Trial of ProPlan > My plan campaign > MyPlan registrations.

Within social, MyPlan registration links were available to consumers.

3:46 — Natalie: Make proper tracking a priority. What is making it work or not work, be proactive. Ask: Are you set to properly measure your goals?  Is you measurement structured for diagnosing your performance? Will you diagnosis be actionable?

3:47 — Performance Diagnosis: Volume, effectivness, efficiency and then they can be sliced into source, target, format, device, creative.

3:48 — Natalie: Inputs do not equal result.  The focus should be on what you originally went out to do.  Metrics of uncertain success: impressions, reach video views, engagements clicks.

3:49 — Natalie talks about the WOO effect: Large numbers of Impressions, link clicks, video views, and post engagements could cause a false understanding of your reach.


Q: Can you talk about your first step in aligning social strategy with business goals?

A: Natalie: Social goals should not be different from what the brand is trying to do.

Q: How do you make the diagnosis actionable?

A: Natalie: Know which things you can influence, so that you can understand if you have control.