Member Meeting 46: Boeing, Wells Fargo, United, Hallmark, and more leading talks

Here's a quick update on who will be leading the first six of our 10 Show & Tell talks at Member Meeting 46 in New York, May 16-17:

  • Blake Menezes at Autodesk will discuss their internal relationship between brand marketing and paid social.
  • Boeing’s Katja Halverson will share how they overcame a risk-averse culture and encouraged their C-suite to become engaged on social media.
  • Jim O’Brien and Seth Brewer from Travelers Insurance will speak on how they closed the gap between marketing and sales through effective social selling and content marketing.
  • Brian Wright will give an inside look at how Wells Fargo uses advanced social media listening strategies.
  • United’s Ryan Bujeker will share how they established a dedicated in-house social media listening capability to protect and elevate brand reputation.
  • Jaci Twidwell at Hallmark will discuss their three-step process to amplify event marketing through public relations and social media.
  • Plus other Show & Tell talks coming on engagement throughout the customer journey (care, marketing, and sales), employee advocacy, and more.

Remember, a Show & Tell talk isn’t a presentation. It’s a casual talk led by a member who walks us through a portion of their social media program. They’re stories about something they tried, a challenge they faced, what went well, what didn’t work, and what they hope to do next. They aren’t recorded or live blogged — they’re completely off the record. It makes for a deeper and more impactful conversation, but the only way to experience it is to be there.

And that’s not to mention all the peer-to-peer discussions and great conversations we’ll have over meals together. Learn more here: