Eli Pariser

Meet Upworthy’s Co-Founder, Eli Pariser, at our Member Meeting in New York

At the close of each Member Meeting, we like to invite smart, interesting guests to join us in informal chats about their work and what it means for social media leaders.

Previous Member Meeting guests have included entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, Dell's original social media team, Kara Swisher of The Wall Street Journal, TED curator Chris Anderson, and a bunch of other remarkable people. We think a little inspiration from an outside perspective is a great way to end an intense day of learning.

For our next Member Meeting, we're pleased to announce Eli Pariser, Co-Founder of Upworthy, will be joining us for a conversation about content, virality, community, and more.

If you're a member of SocialMedia.org, join us for our private members-only conversation at the closing of Member Meeting 35 in New York. Register here.