Mary-Jayne Trainor

Mary-Jayne Trainor on making digital scale for Philips Healthcare

Mary-Jayne Trainor, Senior Social Media Strategist for Healthcare at Philips, sat down with us to talk about their internal training program Digital@Scale and how it's helping Philips become a social business. Mary-Jayne has been a member of since 2013.

Mary-Jayne Trainor is the current gatekeeper for healthcare social presences at Philips.

As their Senior Social Media Strategist, it's her job to stem the sprawl and set a standard for Philips' social presences. But, she says, it's a responsibility she's seeking to get out of. How? By enabling Philips employees to do it themselves as part of a social business.

And the program that's helping her do it, Philips Digital@Scale, just celebrated its first anniversary.

Philips' Digital@Scale is a multi-level training program built to empower their global markets with common digital marketing capabilities.

Through the training program, Philips' 17 different markets will have foundational knowledge on social, search, content, digital sales, campaigns, and analytics. On the social side, Mary-Jayne acts as an internal consultant to the different markets.

In fact, she just got back from personally delivering training sessions to Philips' Global Brand, Communications, and Digital team at their headquarters in Amsterdam.

Within Digital@Scale, employees can earn “passports” which represent basic knowledge for each of the social capabilities. From there, they move on to different levels of social expertise.

Level 1 is for social specialists focused on social listening.

“The people I'm training may have been doing social listening as a part of their jobs or at the request of their stakeholders already, but it's the first time they've had their hands on the tool and are applying it in terms of something like standardized KPIs,” says Mary-Jayne.

“It helps them have a structure to work against and to know the theory behind why we do what we do.”

Depending on their role, employees can move into more formalized training. For example, Mary-Jayne's team is working on creating Level 2 training now, which will walk employees through developing a social strategy.

At the center of the Level 2 training is a sophisticated gate system for creating a social presence.

With each step through the gate system, employees will learn how to define things like business objectives, social media objectives (and translating the two), KPIs, an implementation plan, and how to establish ongoing measurement.

She says eventually, they'll come out with a strategic social plan — preferably in the form of a deck. (Mary-Jayne says they love decks at Philips.)

By requiring these components along the way, employees get an education on what each of them mean.

“The gate system is really useful because, regardless of what point in the process you think you are at, it tells you where you actually are,” she explains.

“For example, a lot of times you realize that your audience just isn't out there or you don't really understand who your audience is, and you need to do some work on that with social listening.”

Success to Mary-Jayne is when Philips' employees are empowered to learn from each other.

Another big piece of the program is focused on sharing case studies from markets that have used it successfully. She says they're seeing a lot of ownership taken in their Eastern geographic markets, for example, and would love to share their story with the rest of the enterprise.

“In what we need to do to reach our goals via social media, we're more similar than we are different,” Mary-Jayne says.

“Regardless of what it is you're trying to sell, there's so much you can learn just by looking at how someone else did it, and I would much rather have somebody learn from an example than from listening to me.”

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